5Linx – Are 5Linx products worth selling?


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Rating: 55/100

Cost to Start: $249

Established: 2001

Founder: Jason Guck

Website: www.5linx.com

The best type of business you can choose to put time and effort into would be one that offers you a wide customer base to choose from. 5Linx does a great job of appealing to a lot of different customer needs, giving you a large demographic to sell to. The more specific your demographic, the harder it can be to see a product.

With that being said, is 5Linx the best business opportunity to go with?

Within my review I want to talk about what 5Linx really is, a little about the company and its history, as well aswhat services it offers it customers and 5linx representitives. From there I want to provide a quick background of what the compensation can look like if you decide to join, and what the investment would be. I’ll then let you know what I really liked about the 5Linx business opportunity, and what could be improved upon.

Join me in taking a look at this 5Linz business opportunity!

5Linx; What Is It?

5Linx is a networking company that has dedicated itself to helping you and other 5Linx representitives gain “income by offering products that help people build a legacy”. By following new and emerging trends, 5Linx takes on services that are important and needed in today’s society, they then offer these services to consumers such as you and me. As a 5Linx representitive, you have the opportunity to earn commission off of these services. Between wellness, business or your household needs, 5Linx had a wide avriety of services to sell and utilize.

5Linx believes in 5 key principles of integrity, opportunity, freedom and success. 5Linx is very passionate about displaying its need to help people find cheaper services, and to promote an opportunity for people to earn some extra cash. This makes sense, as the most important thing in online marketing and selling is ensuring your first obligation is helping the customer. If a customer doesn’t feel that you’re there to help, they will move on.

About The 5Linx Company

5Linx has spent 20 years within the network marketing industry, and despite being in business for such a long time, they have managed to keep themselves out of trouble. The Better Business Bearu gives 5Linz an A+ rating and they have no outstanding complaints. They seem to have handled themselves well over the years.

Located within the Rochester area, 5Linx has made numerous lists for being one of the fastest growing companies. Although it took them untill 2006 to really establish themselves, they maintained a good standing and reputation for a long time. However, in 2015, 5Linx made the decision to sell off their telecommunications services. After this business decision, the sales at 5Linx dropped significantly by 30%. Image result for thinking

Since the decision to sell off their telecommunications comapny, 5Linx has had a stream of bad publicity that has caused a real hiccup in the success of the company/ Early this year, three former executives (including the original founder) have been found guilty of a variety of federal fraud charges, including wire fraud and money laundering.

Since 2015, and especially during this year, 5Linx has moved in a poor direction business wise. Whether they recover or not will determine if this is a good business opportunity for anyone. It is extremely hard to sell products from a company with poor publicity.

What Can I Sell From 5Linx?

5Linx has a few different umbrellas of services to choose from and promote. Lucky enough you have a large variety of customers to choose to sell to, especially with these services all being in high demand. The big box companies over change for services, and the appeal of 5Linx is finding these same services without the upsell in cost.


With the category “home” services, 5Links offers telecommunications, tech support and security services for your home. 5Linx provides discounted programs on your internet and cable, and energy services, making it easier to choose 5Linx over the big box companies out there for your basic home services.


5Linx carries there own line of health inspired products within their “Wellness” category. In addition to Wellness products, 5Linx also provides a service called telemed. With telemed you can have access to a direct line for doctor consultants as well as discounts on prescription services. You’ll also find that 5Linx supports a line of natural energy drinks, teas, and coffees.


The point of the services offered through 5Linx in their “Business” category is to help businesses reduce costs and increase profits. Such things to advance your business include digital marketing, packs of services for mobile marketing and business enhancement (tech support, web conferencing, software needs). You’ll also find some services included such as payment and financing solutions, and commercial security systems.

How Much Will 5Linx Cost Me?

Fortunately enough, you’ll have three different options on how you would like to join 5Linx if you decided to give this opportunity a try.

Two out of three packages come with upsells, however, you shouldn’t really need to purchase these upsells to be successful. The main reason that 5Linx puts these upsells here is that they want YOU to be a customer as well. Giving you discounted access provides a better feedback response to other potential customers as well as your own clients.

If you want to avoid the upsells, just pick the first package.

The packages look as follows:

Regular Affiliate Enrollment: $39

  • 40% commission on select products and services;
  • Free sales website.

First Package: $249

  • Earn 10 – 20% on all products/services sales;
  • Residual commissions on products and services.

Second Package; $249 + $49.95/m Platinum Discount Network




5Linx Compensation

As with most networking marketing / direct selling companies, there are several different bonuses and forms of earning commissions. The more ways a representitive can earn money, the easier it is to make money. When representitves are making money, they are happy, and the customers are happy.

5Linx refers to their team as IMR’s (Independant Marketing Representatives). By becoming a IMR, you’ll gain the ability to sell products and services at wholesale pricing, and you would receive a commission off of doing so. On top of that, you’ll also make money by recruiting other people to become an IMR jus like yourself. You will then get commission from their membership and potential sales.

There are different ranks you achieve by selling more products and recruiting more people. As you move in ranks, you begin to grow in the commissions you’d be receiving, creating a larger income for yourself. The goal is to move up in ranks as quickly as possible to earn a decent wage.

The ranks look like this:

Quick Start Bonus

Within the first 30 days, you’ll have the ability to receive this bonus. Based on your customer count and the team you’ve started building, you’ll get a one time bonus. The faster you move in your first 30 to 60 days determines how much of the bonus you get. When any of these milestones are hit within 60 days instead of 30, you’ll get 50% of the bonuses given.

Earned Position Bonus

Each rank gets it’s own bonus. As you move up the ranks you’ll have equal opportunity to get these one time bonuses. Be careful though! You only have a certain number of days to reach a specific milestone!

Customer Acquisition Bonus

This bonus is all about building your team quickly, which is what most MLM companies like to see. The more representatives, the more product being sold and money being made. Within certain ranks, if you


recruit on your team members and they qualify within the first 30 days ( by selling and recruiting certain amounts as well), you see a bonus.


Customer Milestone Bonus

Based on the amount of recurring customers within a month.

Comission on Products

This is the easiest, and most simple perk to being a IMR, where you sell product a receive a commission off of that product sold. The starting commission is 10%, however, as you grow, you’ll be eligable to receive as much as 20%.

While you begin to move higher, you’ll get the opportunity to receive commission from your team’s sales as well.

Team Payouts

For 5Linx, building your team is extremely important, so obviously they will have a system of rewarding you a certain percentage for building your downline.

5Linx Support And Training

The goal with 5Linx and its business opportunity is to make you successful, however, as with most networking companies your main support stems from your sponsor. If you do not have a sponsor, 5Linx will assign one to you.

Another common thing to see with MLM is that 5Linx provides internation, regional, and local training events. This is where you can hear new company updates, listen to motivational speakers, and hear from some of the most successful within 5 Linx.

An app that 5Linx has developed will give you access to tools that help to track and manage your business.

  • Back office reporting;
  • Sales and commission tracker;
  • Product information;
  • Contact/potential customer tracker and communicator.

There is also a platform that allows you to access tons of marketing information on products, presentatrions for training, and some tools to market your business.

You’ll have access to your own personal selling website, where you can promote and direct people to purchase products from you. Some direct selling companies include this at extra cost.

5Linx is part of Twitter and Facebook, and encourages people to join the public groups. Here is a secondary location for support and motivation as you can connect with others that may be in the same boat, or whom have overcome the same obsticles you may be facing.

5Linx; What Are People Saying?

What’s the best way to find out if an opportunity works for you? Find out what other people who have tried it are saying!

On Glassdoor, previous employees are saying you get a lot of miscommunication from upper management. It seems there’s a lot of upper management that are not all on the same page. I also see a lot of complaint that there was no opportunity for ideas or suggestion, many upper management members “fought” or “argued” with 5Linx representitives.

5Linx continues to have issues with new products launch, whether it be poor implentation or confusion about products. It also almost seems like when you hit a certain rank, you’re givin the “OK” to be lazy, and a lot of the workload and efforts are pushed downwards.

5Linx Pros

  • Variety of customers due to large offering of services;
  • Tools to manage busness;
  • Company has been around for awhile;
  • Good BBB rating;
  • Previous employees saying good things.

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5Linx Improvments

  • Costly to get started;
  • Comissions aren’t that big;
  • Services offered are in driect competition with large companies;
  • Too much management within the company (top heavy).


After all of that I personally don’t have a lot of faith within 5Linx. I’ve have given it a 55/100 rating for a few reasons.

I believe that at one point 5Linx was a great company, and I love their approach of product offering. I have yet to find another company that offers common household and business services as their products. However, their decision to sell off their telecommunciations company was a poor business decision. Since then, it seems like they have been on a downworld spiral.

5Linx is extremely expensive compared with other direct selling companies, and although I understand the upsells, they are a bit much. It’s really hard to compete with largeer companies that have been offering these same services for just as long, and unless you are a GREAT sales person, you’ll struggle to pull clients from a brand name they trust.

I don’t believe 5Linx is be any means a scam or pyramid scheme, but it most definatly not for a beginner. I also have thoughts as to where they company is going and what their direction is. They may or may not be in business for another 20 years.

If you’d like to try something that is more for beginners, check out my #1 reccomendation.


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