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Welcome to my page. If you’ve made it this far it must mean that you are interested in seeing if I am a fake, or someone who actually wants to help.

Online it’s hard to prove you exist, and are an actual person looking to help others discover the same success online as you have. So to help show you that I am a real person, I’ve attached this VERY real picture of me.

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I am just an average person who woke up one morning and decided she was done living this mediocre


life. I didn’t want to get up and commute to work for a job that I couldn’t figure out if I liked, or just simply put up with!


I work in retail, and to be honest, I have no clue why!

The demands of retail are tiring, and there’s points where I just wish I could stay home and relax instead of going to work. Luckily I discovered something amazing at work from a co-worker that changed my life for forever!

I had heard about sooo many scams online of people trying to “make it big” and trying to “create a financially stable online business”. It was sad to see so many people falling for what was obviously fake and a waste of money. So when I got caught up in a conversation with a co-worker of mine, I was extremely stubborn in saying, ” there’s no such thing as making money online! Not good money at least, I’d still be working here till I am old and grey!”

My coworker insisted, ” try this website, you don’t have to pay anything, you just have to find something you’re passionate about and build a business out of it. We give you all the support, tools, and guidance you’ll need to be successful.”

Wealthy Affiliate:

The Website That Offers Everything, For Nothing!


What really hooked me was the promise of 1000’s of other people in the world that had found success on this site. I mean real live conversations with people making money off of their own online business. Thousands of people who were living everything but a mediocre life.

I am here today, for one reason:

To help you achieve online business success!

I hope to be one of those thousands of people who help you join the success, and build your dreams! Leave a comment below if I can do anything to help you achieve your success! OR visit me at my hang out @ Wealthy Affiliate!









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