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Becoming an Amazon Affiliate!

Rating: 88/100
Cost: Free!
Establishment: 1996
Founder: Jeff Bezos

Amazon was one of the first companies to establish an Amazon Affiliate program with their website and products. Amazon is an international e-commerce company that was established back in July of 1994 in Seattle, Washington. Amazon sells items online such as:

  • Computing Services;
  • Electronics;
  • Digital content (Kindle, Ebooks);
  • Clothes;
  • Sport equipment;
  • and many more…

As of this past June, Amazon decided to expand a brick and mortar side of the company by purchasing the popular natural food store Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion, building upon their already 341 400 employees. Being an Amazon Affiliate is one of the more popular affiliate programs to sign up with, as Amazon has a year to year growth rate of 27% consistently, meaning Amazon continues to grow at a healthy rate despite being 23 years old this year. As of 2016, Amazon brought in net sales of $136 billion, so it’s plain to see why people would want to get their share of that money by being an Amazon Affiliate.

In my review of the Amazon Affiliate program, I’ll talk a quick bit about what affiliate marketing is, what the Amazon Affiliate program is, what tools you’ll have access to, what support will be provided to help you through the process, and how to get the most out of your Amazon Affiliate account. I’ll also touch on what I like about the Amazon Affiliate program, and what could be better.

Let’s take a look at the Amazon Affiliate program!

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In order to be an affiliate marketer, you’ll have to have you’re own website to sell products and services from. If you have no clue how to get started, check out this article here for help.

Affiliate marketing is where an online retailer provides a commission to someone who has an external website and who is able to direct customers towards buying a certain product. Affiliate marketing is really a relationship between three parties. The Advertiser, the publisher, and the consumer. The advertiser is someone who has a product they want to sell, while the publisher is someone who gains access to that product for sake of promoting and directing sales. And of course when the consumer is directed towards buying a product, both the advertiser and publisher win.

For example, if I used the Amazon Affiliate program to promote baby clothes on my website, and one of my consumers looking at my website clicks through to the Amazon website from my website, I would gain commission off of whatever that person buys after being directed from my website.

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For more information on how to become an affiliate marketer, read this popular article.

What Is The Amazon Affiliate Program?

So, now that you know exactly what affiliate marketing is, you probably have a good idea as to what the Amazon Affiliate program involves. The great thing about utilizing the Amazon Affiliate program is that Amazon has literally EVERYTHING you could ever want to sell. 

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And it is completely free to sign up and utilize the Amazon Affiliate program, which makes it even better! The cost of owning your own store or business can be expensive, however, when using the Amazon Affiliate program you don’t have to worry about maintaining any stock, about shipping or receiving, and my favorite, you never have to worry about customer service aspects of your business.

With the Amazon Affiliate program, you start by earning a commission of 4-6% off of items you direct the customer to, and that commission grows depending on the amount of product you sell. However, there are particular products that have a fixed rate.

With Amazon Affiliate, as long as you have a website, you can promote and sell products by writing reviews on products, writing informational articles on products, or instructing people on what the best product to buy is. Within your articles you’ll promote the product through Amazon Affiliate with clickable links. If folks as convinced to follow through to those links, you could potentially make money on ANYTHING they buy from Amazon through that click. It’s kind of like the link attached to that customer and follows them around the amazon site, seeing if they will buy anything. Simply because you brought that customer to Amazon, you’ll receive any commission on whatever they buy! Seems easy eh?

Still confused? Learn how to be an affiliate marketer here!

Tools You’ll Have Access To As An Amazon Affiliate

Because Amazon Affiliate has been around for sometime now, they have developed a lot of helpful tools that come along with the program to aid you in achieving better results.

Site Stripe

Site stripe is  quick and easy way to apply a link in any of your articles/posts without having to open up the Amazon Affiliate webpage. It’s a toolbar that, when you’re on the regular amazon page, its displayed at the top of the webpage on a particular product. There will be a “Get Link: Text” button that will automatically generate a tracking link for that particular product. No need to serach through your Amazon Affiliate page to find the product.

Publisher Studio

This is actually a plugin you can get that will enable you to add tracking links to products on Amazon directly from your website content creator. No need to visit any site or search for a product from Amazon when you have the publisher studio. This tool is supported by website builders such as WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Facebook, and Twitter.

Link Checker

This tool checks any link to see if it has your associate ID attached to it.


This tool is relatively new, directed to people who have multiple international Amazon Affiliate accounts. It allows you to link all your accounts together into one place, and allows you to easily manage all your accounts and businesses within one area.

Support You’ll Have Access To As An Amazon Affiliate

Of course, like any major company, there are contact numbers you can reach for different issues you may be having, but Amazon Affiliates prefers you try out these resources first!

Product Help

This has information on getting started and creating links for products, as well as a program overview for those who aren’t 100% comfortable with the program yet, or who are just starting. This section also talks about how you get paid, and what the process is regarding commissions.

Resource Centre

This spot within Amazon Affiliate has in-depth articles and tutorials created by members and the team at Amazon to help find answers and tips to all of your questions or concerns. There are also tips on how to better monitize your site, as well as improving your sites visibility.

Discussion Boards

This is an online meeting place for all members. This is where you’d be able to ask one on one questions, advice, or just to post a message to encourage other Amazon Affiliates.

Getting The Most Out Of Being An Amazon Affiliate

Although the Amazon Affiliate program is one of the better programs out there, it still it’s a miracle maker, and there will have to be some time invested in making your website the most profitable that it can be. There are, however, a few things you can do to help increase the profitability of your site.

  1. Capture the RIGHT audience:

Make sure that when you’re writing your articles and posts, that you always have in the back of your head  who the audience you want to bring in is. When you’re trying to monetize your site, you want to attract customers who are already in the “buying” phase of the consumer cycle. You don’t’ want to bring in an audience that is only still doing their research on a product, as they are not ready to buy.

2. Provide honest, helpful content:

You always want to be filling a “help” need to your customer. If you’re writing about candles, you want to ensure you’re helping your customer with their candle needs, not just trying to make money from them. The more you show you care and want to help, the more the customer trust you, and therefore, the more the customer will trust to purchase from you.

3. Have your links make sense:

When putting tracking links on your products, make sure the content and flow is natural. Don’t look for opportunities to put in links, write naturally and find ways to implement your links after. When you start forcing sentences just to get a link in there, your sentences start to come across as forced and unnatural.

4. Provide a text link to products:

A lot of the time, folks will overwhelm their articles with pictures and product picture links and it starts to look very scammy. if you put the tracking links to products within the text, it comes across as more natural, and less pushy. Of course, This isn’t to say a few picture links isn’t good as well! For example, if you’re selling baby clothes, and you’re talking about stripe colored baby cloths, you could place a link within the “striped baby clothes” words that has a link directing customers to a page where they can buy striped baby clothes.

5. Provide lots of pictures:

Sometimes it’s hard to get your point across with just text, and of course its hard to get your point across with only pictures. You need to have the fair share of both worlds. Just a break your text apart with pictures to provide a “reading break” as well as to better explain concepts and products to customers.

What I Like About Being An Amazon Affiliate

  • Popular, well-known company;
  • Has literally every products you can think of to promote (good for many different niches);
  • Very easy to use and straight forward;
  • Some product commissions grow based on the volume you sell. There is the potential to make more!
  • If a customer is brought to Amazon from your tracking link, any product they buy is credited to you. You get commission even if they don’t buy the product you where trying to promote.
  • Lots of tools and support.

Cons Of Being An Amazon Affiliate

  • Commission is significantly smaller than most commissions from other affiliate programs;
  • Amazon links sometimes look cheap (picture links);
  • If your website doesn’t have engaging content, Amazon can reject your application to be a Amazon Affiliate.

Should You Sign Up As An Amazon Affiliate?

I rated Amazon Affiliates a 88/100 because I think that it is one of the better affiliate programs to join. Between the overwhelming product selection, and ease of use with the Amazon Affiliate program, it is by far you best one-stop-shop for selling affiliate products. I definitely think you should sign up in your have your own profitable niche website.

Although you start with a small commission, you end up receiving more with the amount of products you sell. In addition some products such as electronics, start at a higher commission then say books or supplements. Between the resource centre and discussion boards, there’s endless amounts of help for people who are struggling or who aren’t making as much of a profit with Amazon Affiliates.

I do suggest that if you have a niche website, that you try out the Amazon Affiliate program!


Any questions or comments please leave them below!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate

  1. Hey Brooke,

    Thank you for the awesome review of Amazon affiliate! I have just signed up as an affiliate after reading your amazing review. I actually 100% agree with the “provide honest, helpful content” part.

    We as an affiliate marketer is all about helping our readers making the right decision when it comes to buying any products online…! I always tell people to focus more on the “helping” instead of the “making money” part.

    When the readers feel that we are genuinely trying to help them, they will trust us and ultimately, buy through our affiliate link. Again, thank you for the review Brooke. 🙂

    Kind Regards,
    Kenny Wong

    1. Hey Kenny,

      Thanks so much for going ahead and taking the time to read my review! It should always be about helping, not just profit.People get lost in the money aspect and they forget about helping people, and thats when people stop trusting the site. 

      Have a great rest of your week! and please, stop by again!


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