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Ranking:  90 out of 100
Cost: Free to Affiliates – Vendors pay $49.99 / $1 per advertised product + 50% affiliate commission
Founder: Tim and Eilleen Barber

Introduction to Clickban

In my Clickbank review, I hope to help cover as much as I possibly can in regards to whether or not you can be successful with Clickbank, and how you would utilize Clickbank within your website.

Obviously you’re somebody who’s interested in creating a business online or who have already created a business online and are looking to further your advances into the affiliate world. Clickbank is usually one of the top sites that comes to attention when you start to dabble in the world of affiliate marketing, and hopefully my review can tell you if it’s worth your time or not.

Who Created Clickbank?

Tim and Eileen Barber first came up with the idea to start Clickbank, and it took off pretty quickly. As for today, Clickbank is now run by a “behind the scenes” Board of Directors who most of which first helped create Clickbank, as well as a group of “front line” individuals who run the business in correlation with the board.

Board of Directors consists of :

  • Tim Barber (Founder);
  • Bradley J. Wisherchen (Director and CEO)
  • Geoffery Hoyl (Chairman of Board)
  • James F. Tune (Director)
  • Eileen Barber (Director and Co-Founder)

The team helping lead the way in this industry are:

  • Michael Wiskerchen (CEO)
  • Chris Mcclave (CTO)
  • Alex Moore (VP of Sales and Account Management)
  • Kirk Cheney (Legal Counsel)
  • James Bird (VP Finance)

All ten of these members come from extremely different backgrounds to help continue to manage and grow Clickbank.

When and How Clickbank Came To Be?

Clickbank started in 1998 in a garage in San Diego, California, and it started as any small business would. Their story on the Clickbank website explains a quirky story of how they would sit around in a garage with one phone, stuffing envelopes with sales payout checks and pointing at eachother saying “ you’re it” when the phone rang.

Tim and Ellen Barber realized back in 1998 that the internet was creating an explosion of websites and digital content that would soon become unmanageable for consumers looking to purchase online.They wanted to figure out a way that would make it easier for consumers to locate products, and for businesses to promote their products through a One Stop Shop.

Clickbank is now the largest affiliate marketing network for digital products on the web. They sell anything digital from ebooks, software, to membership sites to courses and fitness plans. The categories are endless on Clickbank. The entire Clickbank platform handles all credit card processing, payouts, and accounting. Again, they were looking to create a One Stop Shop for both vendors looking to sell products, and affiliates looking to promote products for a commission.

What Is Clickbank?

Clickbank basically has two different levels to it, as it supplies two different kinds of services. The first service it provides is an intermediate between the vendor of a product (owner/creator of a specific product) and the customer.


As a vendor of a product, you can submit your product to the Marketplace on Clickbank and present your products to the thousands of affiliates and consumers looking to purchase. A lot of these affiliates are top internet marketers who have been promoting products for years, and so your potential for profit is huge with Clickbank.

Clickbanks works with you to be the middleman between you and the customer. Clickbank will handle all of the payments, order processing, and customer service aspects of your product so that you can focus on creating a great product and selling it to customers.

Although there is a small fee, you get the pleasure of presenting your product to a very large audience all at once. Just simply upload your product, create a sales page, list your price and Clickbank will do the rest. Clickbank is also unique in the fact that they offer tracking on your product so you can see who and how often your selling your product, as well offering the recurring payment plans, so you’re making a recurring profit.

The second type of service Clickbank provides is the affiliate side of things. Where a internet marketer (such as yourself) can find hundreds of different products and services to promote on your website.

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Clickbank offers products from practically ANY niche out there that you can think of. This is why Clickbank is so popular, because they target every vendor and marketer out there with the variety of products offered and sold. So whether you knit, are looking to promote self-help ebooks, or are someone looking to get in shape, Clickbank will offer some sort of digital product for you to purchase and/or promote.

Vendors will support the marketers with marketing banners, sales letters, and sometimes email marketing letters, as of course the vendor WANTS you to promote and be successful promoting their product.

Clickbank is one of the most profitable and highest converting platforms out there, and so you know you’ll have success with most of the products on their site. Because of their commitment to the products, Clickbank also offers a 60 day money back guaranteed on all of the products if you or your customer are unsatisfied with the product.

What Tools Are Provided With It?

Depending on who you are (Vendor or affiliate marketer) you’ll have your fair share of support through a few different tools provided from Clickbank.

As the Vendor, as I mentioned above, Clickbank will be the middleman between you and the customer, they will:

  • Reach out to 500,000 digital marketing experts in 190 different countries to help promote your product;
  • Re-market + increase sales by re-marketing to previous customers to generate recurring customer bases;
  • Attract thousands of affiliate markets (lots of experts) to promote your product worldwide;
  • Provide support through team and knowledge bases for any questions or concerns;
  • Manage all affiliate commission payouts and customer service.

Clickbank is the most ideal platform for the Vendor looking to promote their digital product.

As the affiliate marketer, you will have access to thousands of different products within the “Marketplace” to choose from. And when I say there is literally EVERYTHING, I really mean it. Clickbank has grown into a huge marketplace for everyone and anyone with a digital product ready to sell and make money. This becomes a smorgasbord for the affiliate marketer looking to be successful.

Clickbank will also provide a lot of statistics on their products being advertised in order for the affiliate to make a sound decision. When you begin to market an item, it takes a good amount of time to create reviews and blogs regarding the product. It is always disappointing when you spend time marketing an item that isn’t selling for you. In order to reduce the amount that this happens, Clickbank has specific metrics that will help you make an informed decision. These are included right on the front page when you click on a product, they are:

  • Initial $/ sale: The average amount the affiliate will make on the product;
  • Average Rebill Total: This will only be shown be shown if the product have a recurring payment to it, such as monthly memberships.
  • Avg %/ Sale: This is average commission made on the sales;
  • Avg %/ rebill: The average commission made on recurring payments, only shown if there’s that offer.

Within all this information, the affiliate can make an informed choice as to whether they will be successful promoting this product, and whether or not it has a lot of competition.

Are You Able To Make Money?

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There’s tons of different ways to make money on Clickbank, and it absolutely is possible to do. Vendors can put their products on Clickbank, sit back and let affiliates all around the world, most of which are experts in their fields, sell their product for them and make a commission on it. Just ensure you are giving your affiliates as much marketing materials as you can, and set them up for success.

Affiliates have a multitude of different products to choose from, most of which are excellent and convert well, others not so much.

Take your time to search through products and make sure you’re picking a quality product to promote that won’t have too much competition. Search the internet and find reviews on these products to see which ones are legit and which ones are not the best.

When searching for products on Clickbank, take a look at what is called the “Gravity Score”. This score will show you how many people successfully purchase and like this product within a 12 week average. This will also show you the amount of competition on a product. The more competition, the more trouble you may have trying to sell it on your site. Try and find a Gravity Score of 50 or more.

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Pros / Cons


  • Cuts out the messy side of being a vendor by handling all the customer side of things;
  • TON’S of products to choose from;
  • Offers a wide variety of support to both vendor and affiliate;
  • Anyone can join as either vendor of affiliate;
  • Only network out there that supports recurring payments;
  • No limit on the amount of products you can list on Clickbank;
  • All products come with a 60 day money back guaranteed.Image result for pro and con


  • Sometimes gets a bad reputation for supporting some “Get Rich Quick” programs;
  • Limited to only digital products;
  • If the vendor doesn’t provide enough marketing materials, you could have a hard time promoting a product;
  • Has a high refund rate due to some of the not so great products on the site.


Overall I do encourage users to utilize Clickbank. Clickbank is not a scam, but has come into some bad publicity because of some of the products offered on their site. Because Clickbank is open to anyone, you do get some of the more “scammy” looking products on the site, that in turn, make Clickbank look bad. Unfortunately Clickbank does not have a screening process to keep the dishonest salespeople away. It’s up to the user to be careful what product they choose to put their energy into promoting.

Clickbank is a solid platform for both promoting and selling products online within the digital world. They’ve worked for many years to perfect the Clickbank platform and I believe they have done an excellent job.  It’s always smart to try and test a product out before trying to sell it, as you’ll get a good idea, along with researching the product, as to whether or not the product is worth your time.

As a vendor, this is your goldmine for promoting your product. Clickbank offers thousands of affiliates as your helpers to push your product and make it successful. It’s most definitely the best place to market your digital product.

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3 thoughts on “Clickbank – What’s It All About?

  1. Hey!

    I am I guess what you would consider a affiliate marketer. I’ve user clickbank for sometime now and have founds lots of success making money and profiting off of the products on that website. Its great!
    thanks for writing this article, gives the novice a good place to start with it.

    1. Hey Steve,

      Thanks for the comment! and You’re welcome! Clickbank can be a good resource if you do your investigating and really focus on promoting products who have had some great success within clickbank.


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