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If you’re visiting this page, it means you’ve built yourself an amazing starter site, and your ready to start creating quality content that all the search engines will love! If you haven’t started your site yet, take a look at my post and get started now!

Content is the “meat” of your website. Your content is what either gets you traffic and a healthy ranking website, or it doesn’t really get you anywhere. Content leads to rankings on the search engine, which then converts to traffic, who then convert to your customers. These customers are what will give you the financial freedom you’re looking for, so you can kind of see why content is so important.

The Search Engines LOVE Content!

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the top 3 search engines out there, and actually make up 98% of online searches. The more quality content you invest into your site, the more these top three guys will love ya.

Quality Content = Rankings = Traffic = Money

However, just because we are trying to appease the search engine God’s, we always want to remember two things:

Who is my audience?
How am I helping them?

You must always remember who is actually looking at your site. Yes, the search engines will rank them, but who will actually be purchasing from you site? The customers, who, believe it or not, are real people. These real people have probably been scammed, or have probably seen someone get scammed and will be looking to trust in you when purchasing products. How are you helping fix a issue, or fill a much needed void for the customer? Always make sure your content is created with the reader in mind.

How Are You Helping Your Audience?

For example, if I am selling candles on my site, what need am I filling for my customers in this candle niche? Well, people buy candles either to relax and de-stress, or cover some kind of odor, right? So my job is to show my customers how I can help relax them with my lavender candles, or how my extra strength candle can help cover those pesky pet odors around their homes.

See what I mean about helping out and filling a void? You can still make money and help out at the same time. When you show you care, your customer begins to trust you, and will look to you for answers to their candle problems (hypothetically speaking). This is what you want, because they tell their friends, or they come back and continue to spend money on your site because you’ve created trust. Relationship building is so important, and you want to make sure to connect with your audience on a personal level.

Always remember who your audience is, and how YOU can help them!

What Is Considered Content?

So, what the heck is content anyway? The search engine considers any quality writing on your website as content, so any of your pages you build into your menu, any posts you create and publish to your site as well as any comments from both visitors, or yourself answering back to visitor comments will be considered content to the search engines.

Always create your OWN  quality content.

Yes, you want to have lots of content on your site, but it must be original. It’s okay to have a site and write a post on something you’re not completely knowledgeable about. Visit other sites, do your research, and build content from notes built around your research. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE. 

It is a death wish for your site if you begin to copy other work from the internet. Google and the other search engines scan all the webpages on the internet to determine how to rank them, and they will disapprove of any “duplicate” content on your site. In addition, they will also rank the site you copied from lower, so your not just hurting yourself, you’re now hurting someone else’s hard work. Sometimes, the other site will have a plugin that notify’s them if someone is duplicating their work, and that person will confront you!

It’s best to stay away from the copy and paste buttons, and just create your own content. This is why, when you read my post about building a website, I talk lots about building around a niche that you are passionate about, even if you’re not 100% informed about it, because you’ll have to research and write about it constantly.

Quality Content = Your OWN Content

You want to write naturally and without too much thought. Always remember what you’re trying to accomplish with the writing, but make sure it’s a natural flow from your brain. Usually, you want your posts to be about 1500 words, and more is always better. However, change it up a bit, do some posts that are only 900 – 1000 words. Don’t feel like you’re bound by expectations, as long as its your own natural content. Google likes variety, and considers it quality content when you’re writing naturally and effortlessly.

How Do I Start My Content?

Content usually starts with a framework, which is your pages that will display on your home page across the menu. If you’ve sign up for my #1 recommended product, you’ll have been given step by step direction on how to get this framework started. If not, I highly suggest you try it for free, however, I’ll explain a little about what you should have.

Always make sure you create an “About Me” page. This page will all be considered content to the search engines, but will help you build that personal connection with your readers. Try and include a personal picture, this will help personalize the page. In addition, try and include what it is you’re there to help with, but leave a note asking for questions and comments to be left in your comments section below the page. Always remember, you want to engage your visitors the most you can, plus any content they put on your site is a bonus for you!

If you’re using WordPress, which I suggest, creating a page will look like this.

Image result for creating page in wordpress

Take a look at my “About Me” page for an example!

Before you go any further than your “About Me” page, try and figure out which direction you want to take your site in. If you’re building your site on candles, like the examples I’ve been giving above, then maybe you want to create a few pages about “Candle Reviews” and “#1 Recommended Candle”. Try and remember how you’re helping your audience and create your site around that.

Your visitors will read left to right, so build your menu out with the page you want them to visit first on the left, and the page you want them to visit last on the right, with your “About Me” page at the end.

You can name, and organize your menu to reflect how you want your visitors to navigate your site. Remember that each page you build and put into your menu should promote your products and services. Don’t forget who your audience is, and how you’re helping them!

How Should I Build My Content?

The way I build content is I sit down and brainstorm ideas. If I am building my content about helping find people the perfect candle, I’ll want my page to say “My Candle Reviews” where I can build out my page explaining how I’ll do reviews on candles so that my readers can come and visit my site to find the best candles for any situation. From then I can create endless amounts of content through posts that will go under my “My Candle Reviews” page. Within my personal website that you’re on now, I’ve dedicated the content to helping people such as yourself find success building a job online with literally ANY niche. So I’ve created a “How To Get Started Online” page, take a look as to how I’ve set mine up.

**You can see from my candle example, you can build a website about literally anything! 😛

Always remember, the content doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to focus on helping the reader, and it HAS to be your own content. Any ideas are good ideas, and will create content to build from with your site. As your site grows, you’ll come back to previous pages and posts and adjust them, update them, and tweak them to help support your message further.

Building out your content

Create 5 different questions you’ll answer within your post/page. If we continue with our candle example, it’ll look something like this:

What Makes a Good Candle?
Who Invented The Candle?
Which Candle To Pick In Different Situations
How Candle Smells Can Effect The Mind
How Do I Pick The Best Candle?

From here you can build out your content based on these questions. Just simply answer the questions. You’re answering questions that your readers will be asking, and if they can’t find the answers to their questions they will find someone else who can answer them. Always make sure your questions are helping answer questions that you think your readers will have about your niche. Remember your helping the reader fill a void they either are looking to fill, or had no clue they needed filled. 

At the bottom of the post, when your done helping answer these questions, leave a spot asking for comments and feedback. The reader may indicate a question that was left out, or may praise you on the answers to their questions you helped get them. Either way, you and the reader are creating more content on top of that post that Google and the other search engines will love to see.

Engagement on your site is another important way to rank yourself within the search engines!

This Is Just The Beginning!!

This is just the start of you building your own online business where you can create posts on products, where people come purchase those products, and where you can build a steady long-term income from. Content is of utmost importance, and I cannot stress this enough. It’s unbelievable what kind of rankings, traffic, and income you can get from remembering these two important things:

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. How am I helping my audience?

Just as I mentioned through my post, it’s so important to help the audience, and that’s what I am hoping to do for you. If you’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 Recommendation, then you are already well on your way to being successful online! If not, I really suggest you do, I am here to help you through the entire process. I give you my word that even when you sign up, I, as well as the thousands of WA community members, will support you and help you rise to the top of your income earning potential online.

Leavr your comments and questions below! Or visit me at my hang out!







4 thoughts on “Content Creation – Creating Quality Posts

  1. This post is a real help for all internet marketers starting out to prioritise what their audience wants over simply trying to sell stuff to them. Even for those more experienced in building out their website, this is still a timely reminder to always keep the reader in mind. Thanks a lot for this!

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for reading my article! Yes, a lot of people lose sight of what they made their site for, and it’s so important to ensure you’re reader knows you’re trying to help them. We get clouded with things like SEO and keyword searches that we forget all about the actually audience and customer!


  2. Hey there, I’ve been blogging for 2 years now and when I first started, some of my posts were like 800 words long. After many months of practice, I finally get the drill and learned how to write longer.

    My question is, can I go back and fix the 800 words posts to make it longer? It is said that we shouldn’t touch anything once it’s published, but I would like to know if there’s an exception for that.


    1. hi Cathy,

      Thank you so much for submitting a comment on this post, I’m glad you enjoyed the read. In regards to the question, I really believe it depends on who you speak with. I personally believe it’s really good for you to constantly update your articles, you should always keep your articles up-to-date and fresh for your audience. It’s unfair to think that once you post something you’re not able to change it because the world is constantly changing and the information within your post may change. I’d rather update my post and have accurate information for my audience rather than keep it outdated and lose the trust of my audience.

      Hopefully this helps Cathy and I wish you luck in all your future articles!



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