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Yes, Wealthy Affiliate offers a very FREE version to try out and see how successful you can become. However, there’s so many out of this world differences between Premium and Free membership that I just HAVE to tell you about. Of course, my job is to ensure you’re fully in the loop with all the awesome features of Wealthy Affiliate. I truly feel that the premium membership is the fast track step you’ll take to becoming successful online. Regardless, both memberships will make you successful, but I am here to help you pick the best method of success!Image result for wealthy affiliate

What’s Included In The Free Membership

There’s actually a significant amount of stuff included in the Free Membership with Wealthy Affiliate. You get the taste of what’s it’s like to be part of a community, and the training platform that’s offered along with it. With the Free Membership, you’ll quickly start to realize how how supportive the community is, and how much we all care about your success.

Hopefully you’ve already given the Free Membership a try, if not please do. It costs you nothing and you receive everything! Some of what you’ll take advantage of includes:

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1)– This is your first step in your training. You have access to this self paced course consisting of 10 lessons that will more than set you up for any successful online business venture. However, with the Free membership you’ll have the opportunity to do all 10 lessons in Level 1 free of charge and get a taste of what it is about, and the true quality of the lessons learned with the course. Having been someone who has taken University online, it truly is like a

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free course in University. Within the Level 1 you will establish your first online business website, as well as be well on your way to figuring out how this whole ” making money online” thing works and why.

Training Galore – Not only will you have access to the Level 1 training, but you’ll be surrounded by 1000’s of blog posts and community made training tutorials and videos from people who are making money online RIGHT NOW.

TWO Free Websites – Free of charge you’ll get the opportunity to build TWO different websites. You’ll have access to Wealthy Affiliates WordPress express website builder, and continue to host with Wealthy Affiliate for free, as long as you want. And the ease of building your site is incredible as you follow step by step instructions on how to implement your theme and design on your website. You could have your website up and running by the end of the day!

The Awesome WA Community – As I mentioned above, you’ll have access to the community at Wealthy Affiliate. Many of these people do this as their career, this is what they do for work. They’ve started with the Free Membership, realized how beneficial it is to go Premium, and have started to make money on their sites. You can ask questions or even browse other questions from others within the community who have already asked and found answers. The support is endless, and the mentor ship is powerful.

Business Networking – As a business women myself in the real world, there’s nothing I’ve learned that’s more powerful than the network you create. The same goes for the online world. Within the community there are thousands of the most successful members who will interact with you, support you, and follow your profile to help build your reputation within the community. These people will visit your site, leave comments, and help you create that regular content that will make you so successful with your online business. You can even create your own blogs within the community to share your thoughts and idea with others.

The WA Affiliate Program $$- You can take any blog post, learning module, or training video on the site and use the share or affiliate link at the top of the web page to use on your site. It’s your own personal affiliate link that will generate revenue right back to yourself. Wealthy Affiliate is your own personal affiliate link (link that brings a customer from your site to another one to purchase something, and credits you a commission). Wealthy Affiliate has one of the largest paying affiliate programs online!! You have full access to promote all of Wealthy Affiliate on Facebook, Google+, Twitter ect..

These are all things that you’ll have immediate access to simply by signing up for the Free starter Membership!! I believe that the amount of information and support you’ll receive through Wealthy Affiliate is unsurpassed, and you’ll be blown away with the amount of information and knowledge you obtain by being part of the community.

There is zero pressure to finish anything in any amount of time, and really, if you wanted to stay permanently with the Free starter membership, there would be no problem. It’s all about what you want to get out of the program. However, let me tell you a little about what you’ll receive from the Premium membership.

Taking The Next Step: Premium

So I do want to clear the air, because with a lot of programs out there they like to try and hide the hidden fees and costs so that you don’t get that moment to think about what you’re truly paying. This is bullSh*t (excuse my language) because you most definitely deserve to know whether what you get out of the program is worth the cost of the program. Not only that, but I am so confident in the pricing at WA that I have no hesitation reveling to you what the costing is. Let me break it down for you:

If you decided to get the Premium Membership: $49 per month [USD] ($1.62 per day)

Or, to make it every more cost efficient, if you had the extra change to go yearly: $359 per year [USD] ($0.98 per day!)

Not bad, eh?

The yearly cost has been the same since when WA was created, and it’s great to know that Kyle and Carson, the creators, feel confident that that will stay the same. You’re investing a year of trust into WA, and it will always deliver.

Ideally when you think about it, you’re putting less money into WA than you would be for a cup of coffee. The best part? You’re getting more from Wealthy Affiliate than you would ever get from  any University course or scam out there! WA is in a league of it’s own, and it’s very obvious once you start looking around. We offer the most robust program on the market today.

So What Am I getting?

Compared to the Free Membership to the Premium Membership, you’re basically just accelerating the learning and money making possibilities with Premium. It is much easier and faster to get to where you want to be. Here’s a break down below:

Some Really Neat Perks to Being a Premium Member…..

The great thing about either Premium or Free is that you can tailor your learning to create an online business for ANYTHING. You don’t have to promote WA, you can create a website for traveling .. or pet clothing .. or knitting. Whatever you feel you’re passionate about and can help others be more informed and purchase honest real products, it’s all a possibility. However, you’ll be so much more successful with Premium because of these 9 amazing perks!!!

Perk #1 The Founders:

Kyle and Carson created this site over ten years ago, and the amount of growth it has seen is amazing. Despite there being thousands of community members, Kyle and Carson both find the time to ensure you’re on the right track with everything you need.

These are REAL people, with a REAL interest in your success and they’ve created thousands of members who feel exactly the same way. They are passionate about Wealthy Affiliate, and they are passionate about you succeeding.

Perk #2 SiteRubix:

The awesome thing about creating your website through WA is the amount of metrics you have to monitor the progress of your site. The moment you upgrade your membership you have access to the

ultimate platform for website hosting.

Site Rubix: Gives you live updates and percentages on whether you are publishing frequent enough, whether your content is quality enough, whether you are getting enough comments and are responding to those comments often enough, and whether google is ranking your site. These are all things that will help bring your web page to the top of the google search pages .. which then equals more income!

There are also ways to have the community of successful entrepreneurs at WA give you feedback on how they think your site is going, and what you can do to improve your site.Image result for siterubix

WA has this state of the art technology to help ensure your site runs optimally in any condition, create a better experience for you, and your visitors to your site. They understand that your online business is serious for you, and could potentially become 100% of your income, and so WA focuses on ensuring from the ground up that your website runs effectively so you can focus on your business, not the technical side of things.

Perk #3 The Community:

Within the Premium membership you have access to help within the community of business professionals, however, you’ll actually be able to private message, build relationships, and interact with virtually anyone on the site. And they are ALWAYS more than happy to help. It’s literally a world of the most successful online business professionals at your finger tips.

Perk #4 Unlimited Keyword Searches:

Keywords are something you’ll put throughout your posts on your webpage that google will pick up in order to rank you. Without getting yourself ranked higher and higher each post, you won’t be able to capture more traffic and more sales. Hence why it’s important to be able to search keywords to see how much they are search, and how many other people on the web are using that same keyword (competition). WA offers a free unlimited keyword search at your finger tips with the premium membership. You can find different keywords for ideas of different posts you may potentially write and save them for future use as well. No other program on the web offers this type of feature!!

Perk #5 Weekly interactive LIVE video classes:

Every Friday Jay, a top ranking WA member, creates live video seminars on different subjects to help make your site more powerful, more engaging, and help you capture more traffic and more sales. The videos are very easy to follow, with a step by step walk through of brand new business ideas to increase revenue to your site. At the end there are always sessions for question and comments to be answered by Jay himself. 

Premium members also get access to 100’s of hours of replays on training videos that may have been missed, or maybe if you just wanted to hear them again. You can replay them as many times as you like as a premium member!

The great thing about Jay’s videos is they appeal to any kind of online business, no matter what your business is. All the content and topics can be applied to almost any kind of business idea that you choose to follow through with.

Perk #6 A collection of online discussions:

WA had been around since September of 2005, and since then thousands of successful members have come on and shared many of their heart breaks, successes, frustrations, and hilarious moments with the community. From blog posts, to questions, to training sessions and discussion, there are endless amounts of “golden nuggets” at your fingers tips to learn from. The amount of information, not just from the WA founders, but from all of the community members sits on WA waiting to be accessed and utilized. If you’re having difficulties with something, chances are someone else already had the same problem and has there question posted and answered within WA already. You just have to search it!

Perk #7 Access to ALL courses:

During the Free membership, you’ll only have access to the first section of training in Level 1 in the Entrepreneur Certification, once you sign up for premium you’ll have access to the whole course to learn to build an online business out of literally ANYTHING you want. In addition, you’ll have access to the Affiliate Training Boot camp, that will train you up to be a Wealthy Affiliate promoter!!





Perk #9 The Commitment:

By signing up for Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership, you’ll be making a commitment to yourself. We at WA have already made a commitment to ensuring we provide you with the utmost support possible to make sure you’ll have everything you need to be successful!

WA invests in it’s member everyday, and almost every week there are 10 – 20 different “behind the scene” projects on the go to ensure that WA is up to date on all the most advanced technologies, industry leading systems, features, training, and tools continually made available to members on WA.

Since 2005, WA has invested millions into ensure they are the most up to date program out there for new members, and will continue to do so!

Upgrading is SO easy, SO worth it, and could give you the future you want with your online business! There’s a real reason why they have been around for so long, and so many people have been successful.

You owe it to yourself.

Are you ready to change the future and be a successful online Entrepreneur!!??

===> Sign up for Premium Here!<==

Any questions or comments, please leave them below! 🙂 OR meet me at my profile!

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