Free Monthly Websites 2 Review


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Rating: 65/100

Cost: Free to start / $10 Premier Upgrade / Upsells multiple sites for $47 and $97

Establishment: Over ten years

Owner: John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson


This day and age, the world of affiliate marketing is becoming the new way to make money from home. Free Monthly Websites 2 has come up with an interesting way to approach this new world. The internet is so full of different ways to make money online, and it comes down to “get rich quick” schemes, or actual ‘put some work in and make some decent income’ type methods, kind of like Free Monthly Websites 2.

What you choose to do is up to you, however, I’ve been searching high and low for different methods of getting yourself to a point of making money online, and some of them are actually plausible!

Free Monthly Websites 2 is a pretty neat and cool new way to look at the affiliate marketing world, let’s take a look as to what it offers…

What is Free Monthly Websites 2?

It is a really simple concept that John and Dave put together to offer a free monthly website every Image result for free monthly websites 2.0\month, hence the title Free Monthly Websites 2. By signing up, you can go online and pick up your free monthly website every 30 days.

The sites are done up to generate cash flow for you and the sites are based on “the latest hot niche”, which will help you rank higher in search engines. They come with pre-written PLR articles and some other content rich pages to get you started.

The site you receive from Free Monthly Websites 2 is built with affiliate links from Clickbank, google adsense and other forms of income generating methods. Clickbank supports many different programs and digital products for sale and available for marketing, while google adsense is a way to get money through clicks on ads you place around the site.

Ideally the sites are optimized for you to take ownership, and start making money. What’s great too, is that the pre-built site comes with some quick training to get you started!

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What tools does Free Monthly Websites 2 Offer?

As I mentioned above, Free Monthly Websites 2 does offer training with their sites. The training includes a few different tutorials that cover off some of the basics.

  • Adding and removing articles;
  • Updates your site and software;
  • Some instruction on advert, affiliate and Optin settings;
  • Some instruction on how to operate your welcome screen;
  • How to log into your control panel;
  • Basic information on how to control your admin page and personal information;
  • Theme settings;
  • Some information about traffic;

The site also comes with some much needed support. This is something I am huge about. If a site is going to promote something, you’d hope they want you to succeed, and do what they can to help get you there. Support is the number one thing I love about any program! We all need a little help!

What I found with this site is they take the time to explain everything to you, but they use a lot of ”lingo” that many newbies wouldn’t understand. The content is geared towards someone who truly understands the world of affiliate marketing. If you’re a brand new starter to the affiliate world, I would suggest touching up a little on the topic before diving too deeply into Free Monthly Websites 2.

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Is Free Monthly Websites 2 Totally Free?

Ideally, it is just as the website says, “Free Monthly Websites”. However, everyone needs to make money somehow, so there are some costs to fully taking advantage of Free Monthly Websites 2.

The Free Monthly Websites 2 “Free” option is great, however, it comes with limitations, and you can only really do so much with your site. If you decide to get the “Premier” membership, which will cost you $10 a month, you will have a lot more freedom to truly take advantage of and lead a profitable and successful site.

The Premier membership come with:

  • 20 “done for you” PLR articles;
  • More themes to choose from;
  • SOE optimization;
  • Implementation of more/own ads;
  • Add/remove pages
  • Bonus content each month;
  • Extra training and support

Even if you decide to go with the Free Monthly Websites 2 actual free site, you will still incur a few different costs.You will have to pay for domain hosting – small price but not 100% free, and there will be some of your own time spent maintaining the site. The sites will be pre-build, but in order to create a successful site you’ll have to add regular content and continue to update it. This would mean having to spend some time on it, updating it regularly. This would of course come with any site you got, regardless of if it was on Free Monthly Websites 2.

You also have a option of a one time cost for a number of websites all at once. You can pay $97 and get 50 content rich premier sites ready to go, or $47 for 25 sites ready to go.

With this program, the hosting is free as well as the site! 

Can you make money with Free Monthly Websites 2?

I believe you can make regular income with the Free Monthly Websites 2, however, you’ll have to commit some time into making it successful. It won’t be successful on its own, and you’ll have to constantly update information and regularly write content for the site. I would always suggest writing your own content as google likes when your content is fresh and regular.



  • Support is there and speedy;
  • Free site already build with some content;
  • Different themes to choose from;
  • Video training tutorials;Image result for pro con
  • Option of upgrading and having more options for maintaining the site;
  • Very straightforward methods explained.


  • Free site is limited;
  • Some costs still associated with Free site;
  • Affiliate marketing “lingo” kind of confusing for first timers;
  • Format and techniques somewhat outdated;
  • Will have to maintain site even with the free version.

Conclusion – Is Free Monthly Websites 2 Worth It?

All in all, I do feel that Free Monthly Websites 2 is a trustworthy site to work from. They are able to set up monthly websites for you to take advantage of and utilize with content rich pages and profitable ads already in place.

Free Monthly Websites 2 is great for the person wanting to commit themselves to just a small amount of income. If you are interested in making “the big bucks”, some time and effort will be needed in order to make your site hugely successful. It won’t be a matter of Free Monthly Websites 2 setting you up and that’s that. You’ll have to continuously create content and regularly maintain and update your site to keep with the times.

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2 thoughts on “Free Monthly Websites 2 Review

  1. Hi Brooke,
    Thanks for this thorough Free Monthly Websites 2 Review.
    Right off the bat when you mentioned pre-written content I would be running the other way.
    From an SEO perspective you would not stand much of a chance having your sites discovered through a normal Google search.
    In fact I bet if you copied and pasted the content into a decent content checker it would be discovered as duplicte info?
    I would be much more inclined to investigate your Free hosting option, thanks again for the nice read, my best,


    1. Hello,

      Excellent comment, and yes exactly my point! You wantbto stay away from pre written PLR articles.. as Google does see it as duplicate info. A lot of people just think that content is content, however they could be hurting themselves in the long run.


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