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Having your own domain name is like having your own brand name. It’s something that your website becomes known as, and it basically represents you and your business online. You have ownership over it, and the great thing is, you’re the ONLY one in the world that owns the name. It’s like purchasing your first lease on a building for your business! Without a spot to have your business, do you really have a business to begin with?

In order to get a domain name, you must first select the appropriate site to purchase your domain name. There are many different sites out there, that you’ve probably seen commercials about, or even heard someone chatting about. A few of which being:

  1.; or

However, I wouldn’t go with those sites for a few different reasons. The process with those sites are extremely confusing. You’re responsible for moving that domain name from their site, and connecting it with your website on a different hosting service. This requires you play around with DSD settings, which can get messy if not done properly.

What Would I Suggest You Use?

Wealthy Affiliate (what is Wealthy Affiliate) uses an amazing website platform called SiteRubix, that will allow you to get a domain name with no fuss, and take care of all the technical stuff for you. Its one of many things Wealthy Affiliate provides free of charge with you sign up for the Free Starter Membership.

Get your Free Starter Membership now!

By getting your domain name through SiteRubix, you’re able to purchase and manage your domain name all from the same location.

What Can I Expect?

When you first click into the SiteRubix “Site Domain” , you’ll be taken to a walk through tour of the page. It will help get you started and help you feel more comfortable purchasing your domain. I highly suggest you go through this 5 click walk through to get a better idea of what you are doing.

Choose A Domain name

When thinking of ideas for your domain ( it can be anything not already taken by someone else) you want to try and ensure you are picking a “.com” name; For example, This is obviously the most popular on Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines, which is where your site will be popping up. However, if you cant find a domain you like under “.com”, ones like “.org” or “.net” are popular as well. Even though there is lots of different names to choose from, those three choices will be the most popular when people are searching for content on their search engines.

On the SiteRubix, you’ll notice a search bar at the top which says ” Search For Available Domain Names Here…” This is where you will enter your name suggestions. Image result for siterubix domain search cart

The site will search for that domain and tell you whether or not it is available for purchase. If it’s not available for purchase, it will give you tons of different suggestions similar to your chosen domain name. 

If it turns out your the domain name you want is unavailable, then go ahead and take a look through the suggested drop down list for potential other site names you might enjoy. If not, keep searching until you come across the one you like.

Chances are you’ll stick with the one you choose for a very long time, choose wisely**

Once you’ve chosen the domain name that you’d like, select “Add to Cart” and we can begin the purchasing process! Of course feel free to purchase as many domain names as you’d like. There’s no limit to the amount of domains you can own. Purchasing your domain happens in 3 VERY easy steps with Wealthy Affiliate.

Finishing Your Purchase

Once you’ve added the domains you’d like into your cart, select the green “My Cart” button in the right hand side of the screen, this will take you to the last 3 steps before officially owning your own domain!

Image result for siterubix domain search cart

When you go into your cart you’ll have a break down of the domain name itself. It will have pricing on the domain name, as well as what comes with the domain name. Each site you buy through is different, however, the reason I have you purchase through SiteRubix at Wealthy Affiliate is because of the amount of protection that comes along with Wealthy Affiliates platform.

Each domain you purchase comes with privacy from solicitors, carries an email associated with your domain name, and if you’re a Premium Member, WA will host your site and carry the burden of all the technical stuff that comes along with it; including transferring all the DSD settings to the domain name from your website. As well, it will have 24/7 support and back up abilities for any kind of trouble you may run into with your site or domain name.

Not sure if you should go Starter Membership or Premium? Check out the differences here!

The last 3 steps of your purchase will consist of:

  1. Choosing the length of your “lease” on your domain name, and the pricing that comes along with it. I wouldn’t suggest paying for any more than a 2 year term with your domain, although you’ll probably keep the same domain for the life span of your site, you’ll benefit from having that option every few years to change it. In addition, it won’t cost you anymore 2 years from now to purchase that same site again. You could, if you wanted, purchase your site for up to 10 years!
  2. Filling in your contact details. Always ensure this is accurate information. WA has privacy protection that will 100% protect any contact information. For legal purposes, the government requires you have real contact information on everyone who owns website domains.
  3. Make the payment! You can do this through credit card or PayPal. Whichever is easiest.

Image result for siterubix domain search cart

Now You’re a Proud New Owner of a Domain Name!

Once you’ve purchased your domain name, they advise you that it will take between 30 minutes and 24 hours to completely move over into your name and webpage. However, normally it only takes about 10 minutes.

As I mentioned above, this is a great way to get a domain name because of the ease of the process. Wealthy Affiliate takes care of it all, and makes it very easy for you to take ownership of your business, and forget about all the technical stuff that usually comes with it. And of course, like everything of Wealthy Affiliate, they offer support on all their SiteRubix platforms 24/7 for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your site and domain name.

For a deeper video walk through of how to do the SiteRubix Site Domain purchase, please watch here.

Any further questions or concerns, please feel to drop a comment below, or visit me at my hang out at WA here!!

2 thoughts on “Get A Domain Name – How To?

  1. Very sound and detailed explanation of how to get started. This should be of great value to many people who would love to get started online, but have no idea how. You also provide a lovely example of why WA should be the way to go, for the novice who really wants to succeed.

    1. Hey John!

      That’s excellent, I am glad you enjoyed reading it. Yes, The amount of support and program offering that WA does, there’s really no better spot to research and purchase your domain name.


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