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Let Me Show You How Make Money Online For Free

Today I want to show you how to accomplish the the #1 asked question on Google. “How make money online for free?” is a question that tons of people asking all over the internet, and today I am going to show you it is totally possible to do!

There are 1,000’s of different ways YOU can make money online today! Most people get distracted by the “latest and greatest” programs and methods to earn money online, and it makes it extremely hard for these people to succeed with their online business building ventures. This is because the “get rich quick” scheme isn’t going to work for someone who wants to be a long-term successful online business entrepreneur.

Today I am going to show you how to access the most powerful and foolproof way to make money online, as well as the training to get you to success. This technique is proven and tried time and time again, coming on top as the best way to earn long-term revenue on any passion and interest you have.

Keep reading for access and training on how make money online for free….

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Before You Learn How Make Money Online For Free

Before you can start earning money online, you need to have a website of your own that is focused on a specific niche (topic or interest; for example, supplements, golf, travel, clothing ect.)

Build your niche site for FREE here ….

Once you’ve got your website down, you’ll begin to focus on getting traffic to that site, or an “audience”.

No site + No content + No Traffic = No Money.

But don’t worry, because the training and technique I am about to give you will get you to success, you will get there! You have to build a solid foundation for your long-term success, or else you won’t see that success.

==> A good place to start if you haven’t started your website, and have no clue how to get traffic to it, I’d suggest my #1 Recommendation. They will walk you step by step in getting the foundation of your business going all for FREE.  By the end  of the free training you will be well on your way getting traffic to your site and creating a content rich website that will draw your audience in.

So What’s This Secret Technique?

There are over 7 billion people in the world and at least 25% of those billions will be on the internet searching for information and purchasing different products. Why not be a part of that?

This is where your niche focused site is going to come in. You’re going to help those people (Audience) that are searching for specific products find the information and product knowledge they need, while directing them to where they can purchase these products. You’re offering a service to these people by offering to the point information on what they are looking for. Whether it be through social networks or searching for something and coming across your site, you’ll be helping them find what they are looking for. The amazing part about helping these folks out? You make money (commission) from the sale of these products.

By the end of lesson 4 on my #1 Recommended FREE training, you’ll have your site up and running to connect and make money through your audience.

How Can I sell And Promote Products Off My Site?

The 2 most important thing to always remember when trying to promote and sell a product online is this:

  1. Who is your customer? And;
  2. What can you help them with?

If you always remember to ask yourself these two questions before every post you write, you will always succeed.

To make money online you have to find an affiliate site for your product. This means a website that overs an affiliate program for you to promote their products. If you wanted to promote the Beach Body workout plans you could join their affiliate program for affiliate links that you would place in and around your post. If someone clicked that link and purchased from the Beach Body website, you’d make a commission off of it. In this case you’d be promoting a healthy lifestyle and fitness workout to people that need to lose weigh for their health.

The great part about it? You’re making money from promoting someone else’s product!

A few different digital affiliate programs out there can be found on sites hosting them such as Clickbank, and Commission Junction. Just a few I have used and know they work.

The Use Of Amazon

Amazon is a huge online distributing and selling community, growing more and more popular by the Image result for amazonsecond. Amazon’s affiliate program is great because of the ease of their program. As you know Amazon sells tons of different products from E-books to toys, and food to electronics. If you’re promoting something like barbie, or supplements, Amazon will let you promote their products for FREE.

The even better part? Amazon handles all the shipping, packaging and customer service issues on their side, while you make commission off their products!

Amazon starts their commission rates at 4%, and the more product you sell the higher the commission is on it.

The Beauty Of Adsense

Another way to make money online is to place ads around your site. You can sign up for adsense for FREE with Google Adsense, and log in to get the code to place specific ads around your site. As people click o these ads, you make a small sum of money.

The payout on these clicks depends on competition and demand of the ad. However, the ads can pay out anywhere between $0.01 and $15 a click!

**In order to use Adsense on your site, you make have your own domain. Click here to learn how!**

Email Lists

Something that was used a lot more 5 years ago, and that some people still use in an email list. When people visit your site you can offer something free for their email address. The free item could be anything like an e-book relating to your site. Once you get their email you can send them promotions from your site and create a relationship between yourself and the buyer.

So, How Make Money Online For Free?

This is totally something ANYONE can do, it IS possible to make money online. Although, you will have to set your self up with a foundation before you can see any profit come through. Of course, the training on this is FREE and can have you set up to start making money online!

All of these techniques of selling digital and physical products through other websites requires a niche website. However, you can build your own website and create the content and traffic required to make money online by trying out my FREE #1 Recommendation. Follow the step by step training to getting yourself set up to be an Online Affiliate Marketer and have access to all the opportunities the internet can offer!


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