Is Rodan and Fields a Scam? – 2017 Review


Rodan and Fields

Ranking: 75/100
Cost: $45 Business Portfolio to enroll as a consultant
Establishment: 2002
Founders: Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields

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If you’ve been through my site, and are familiar with affiliate marketing, you would have probably heard of the term MLM, or multi-level marketing. Rodan and Fields has taken advantage of the efficiency that can come from a well run MLM company. It can also be referred to as network marketing or direct selling. It’s a business that gives motivated, sales driven individuals a chance to purchase Roadan and Fields products at a discounted price, and then re-sell them at retail to earn a profit. A large part of a MLM style company is recruitment, and recruitment is usually the most important aspect of keeping the business growing. This can create job insecurity, as well as many other issues.

Would Rodan and Fields be worth the risk? I am here to find out those answers and give you an honest, and unbiased review of the Rodan and Fields consultant opportunity.

Although Rodan and Fields is an MLM style company, a lot of good things can come from it if it’s well run. In my review of Rodan and Fields, I will talk a little about the Rodan and Fields company, how much it would cost to join the business, how much can be earned through the compensation plan, and what kind of support/tools are offered.

Of course, I’ll always include what I liked about the program, and what I felt could improve about Rodan and Fields.

Let’s take a look at Rodan and Fields….

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What Is Rodan and Fields?!

As I mentioned above, Rodan and Fields is a networking style company that sells and ever growing list of personal care and anti-aging skin products. The company was establishment by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, 2 Stanford trained dermatologists who started their careers out with another popular infomercial product, Proactiv.

Rodan and Fields began by selling their products out of department stores, and although very successful, they preferred a more efficient consultant based direct selling method. Consultants of Rodan and Fields sells these products from home, or online with websites, at a retail price and make a commission. The company quickly realized that this was the best way to get the product straight to the customer rather than going through the middle man (department stores). In order to keep the company growing and making money, consultants are expected to recruit other consultants onto their teams. Rodan and Fields consultants then make commission based off of how well their team is thriving.

As of 2015, Rodan and Fields grossed $626.9 million on a woman-centered sales model, and has over 170 000 U.S based consultants! Rodan and Fields is becoming the new digital version of household products such as Avon and Mary Kay, and continue to grow to this day.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Rodan and Fields?

Usually within MLM companies, you’ll have been approached by a Rodan and Fields sponsor, someone who tells you about the opportunity, whether it be a friend, family member, or someone you got to chatting with on the bus. Your sponsor is someone who will help you through the process of signing up and getting yourself started for success.

In order to enroll without a sponsor, you can easily visit their website and enroll today, however, it will cost you a minimum of $45 dollars for the Business Portfolio, which will help get you off on the right foot with some sample products and company brochures. There are options to purchase bigger and better packages such as the Personal Results Kit for $395, the Big Business Launch Kit for $695, or the Express Business Kit for $995. Although the other options are pricey, they are meant to set you up for faster results and faster success.

The Products

You’ll also have to purchase some products at wholesale if you plan on selling through selling party’s, social media, or through friends, family and co-workers. This will cost you some money, however, you make that money back and then some by selling at retail.

Rodan and Fields products can be cost efficient, and can be extremely expensive depending on what you’re buying. Individual products can start at $30 a piece, and combo packs can be as expensive as $400. However, these products are extremely high-end products, so some justify that it’s worth the money to invest in these high quality items.

The products are categorized into several different category’s:

  • Redefine;
  • Reverse;
  • Unblemish; and
  • Soothe

All their products come with a satisfaction guaranteed, and if returned within 60 days, customers will get a full refund.Image result for rodan and fields

Rodan and Fields Compensation Plan

There are 5 different ways you can earn as a Rodan and Fields consultant.

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Commission received from sales between your consultants
  3. Personal Team Commission
  4. Generation Commission
  5. Performance Bonuses

1. As a basic consultant you have the ability to purchase products at wholesale and sell them at retail to make a profit. You would do this by hosting selling party’s, selling through word of mouth, utilizing friends and family to attract potential customers, or using social media to get your word out. You would be generating your own customer base and receiving about 15 to 25% commission on items.

2. You can also recruit other consultants into your team to help you sell. You would then receive a 10% commission on sales your own team is making. This would require you to be someone who has good leadership skills as it requires you to help coach and mentor your team. As their sponsor , they will look to you to help guide them and support them.

3. Another way to earn is to continue to move up the ranks. Your next step from consultant is Executive Consultant. You’re eligible for this position if you’re making a total of $600 within your personal sales and consultant sales. You then earn an additional 5% on your consultants if you make this ranking, giving you 15% commission on your consultant sales.

4. When one of your consultants moves up into the position of Executive Consultant, they move into their own generation with their team. Regardless of how big your consultant makes their team, you’ll earn 5% bonus off of all of the generated sales. The more of your consultants move into the Executive Consultant position, you move up the levels within the Executive Consultant rank. Level 1,2,3,4 ext.

5. There are multiple different incentives if you’re able to move yourself and your team into higher rankings sooner rather than later.

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Support and Tools Offered Through Rodan and Fields

For any general questions there are multiple different contact numbers for different departments within the Rodan and Fields company. However, within MLM style companies, you usually rely on your sponsor to help push you in the right direction. This is why they offer incentives to build your teams, as it motivates consultants to build a long-lasting and effective team. Your teams success relies on how well of a team leader you are.

There are multiple tools you can buy to help promote your business, unfortunately they will all cost you some money. You can purchase things like:

  • Name tags/ Name tag stickers with the Rodan and Fields logo;
  • Personal Pens;
  • Car decals;
  • Bookmarks;
  • Thank You cards;
  • A letter head set;
  • and much more.

These are items you can pass out at work or at selling party’s to help build your business.


Pulse is a management suite offered to help keep track of your business, which also comes in a convenient to use app for your mobile phone.

Communications Corner

This is a great resource for creating customizable flyers, e-mail signatures, and Facebook covers that you can download as well as share among all your social media friends.

Mentors Magazine

This is a magazine that updates regularly with tips and tricks from some of the higher ranking consultants. It shares some of the newer consultants to move up, as well as showing new products and business policies.

What I Like About Rodan and Fields

  • High-end products;
  • Very simple and straight forward compensation plan;
  • Long standing company;
  • BBB A+ rating.

What Could Be Better About Rodan and Fields

  • Mostly targeted to women, creating a smaller customer base to pick from;
  • Products have a high price tag on them;
  • Not very much support;
  • Have to pay additional for most tools to grow your business;
  • Success relies on recruitment, which you must have good team building skills for.


Although I am not a huge fan of MLM style companies, I do believe that Rodan and Fields is one of the better companies to join. If you look at the negatives, they are almost always the same with any networking and direct selling companies, where support is minimal, and experience is needed to be truly successful.

Just because you’re given a product and popular brand name to sell and profit from, doesn’t mean you’ll be instantly successful. You’ll have to build your own customer base and support your team into greatness. Sales experience and people skills would be considered an asset, as well as putting the time aside to really devote yourself to the business. If this is something you feel prepared to do, then Rodan and Fields is your opportunity to start your own business.

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4 thoughts on “Is Rodan and Fields a Scam? – 2017 Review

  1. Hi great review of Rodan and Fields. You have been very thorough with this review with no stones unturned. I do believe MLM is a great way to make money however you do have to be sales motivated to really be a success. MLM is not something I would really consider personally but I do know people who have done it and made quite a lot of money. The Rodan and Fields looks really good but I do agree it’s more catered for females due to the nature of the products.

    1. Hello!

      Thanks a ton for leaving your feedback on the Rodan and Fields review I completed. Yes, you’re right, the potential for money with MLM companies is there, and many people do become successful through a MLM company. However, MLM isn’t for everyone and requires the consultant to have previous sales experience and customer service interaction in order to really succeed. 

      On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate does a great job at providing an opportunity for any type of person regardless of their experience!


  2. Thanks for the overview. I myself am not a big fan of MLM companies, as most all of them really seclude your options on what to promote, and the structure of MLM, in general, is hard to be successful in my opinion. I prefer affiliate marketing as your options for promoting products is literally endless, and there are no start-up costs as well.

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the article . I would agree with you that although not all MLM companies are bad it takes a lot of work and it really limits the amount that you’re able to do with it. Affiliate marketing gives you much more autonomy with what you want to do and what you want to promote, making yourself that much more passionate about writing about it and building a website about it.

      Thanks again for visiting my site and I look forward to seeing you again.

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