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Rating: 73/100

Cost: $19.99/ annual

Established: 1985

Founder: Frank Vandershoot



Since the wellness industry is such a hot one these days, I figured we’d take a look at another popular MLM company called Melaleuca that is taking the internet by storm. As we all know, taking care of the planet is always on the forefront of peoples minds, especially as the winters get warmer and the

summers get even hotter. We are always looking for new ways to take care of and make less of an impact on our planet in our everyday tasks.

Melaleuca is an environmentally friendly company that creates products that are both eco-friendly and effective. Their product list is extensive, ranging anywhere from nutritional supplements and personal care products, right through to cleaning products and laundry products. Not only is this an opportunity to help the planet, its also an opportunity to start your own work from home business. However, is it really that great of an opportunity?

In my review I’ll touch base on the company Melaleuca itself and what type of products they carry. I’ll talk on what the potential compensation will be, how to get started, and the support and tools you’re given to be successful. I’ll then tell you what I like about this Melaleuca opportunity, and what could use improvement.

Join me in taking a look at Melaleuca…

About Melaleuca

Melaleuca operates internationally and operates from of a few main centers out of the US. However, their main head office is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Melaleuca is a private company that has operations within Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Bahamas, Malaysia, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and the Netherlands. Having been in operation since 1985, it makes sense that they have surfaced in many places worldwide.

Having grossed 1.13 Billion dollars in 2012, Melaleuca has received many awards, particularly between 1990 and 1994 where they were on the top 500 list for one of the fastest growing private company, as well as accomplishing hall of fame in the Inc. 500 at the end of 1994.

Melaleuca has produced and manufactured over 400 products, and has held themselves to an extremely high standard of quality and performance within their products. Melaleuca produced products that are guaranteed to be:

  • Effective and unique;
  • Safe for home and the family;
  • Environmentally responsible; and
  • Better value than the leading products.

Melaleuca; The Products

Melaleuca carries an extremely diverse amount of products, making it simple to find what someone may be looking for from the over 400 products. Broken up into categories, Melaleuca carries products relating to nutrition, medicine cabinet, beauty, household, bath and body, essential oils and even a logo center where you can purchase clothes and products with the Melaleuca logo.

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The most popular products are dis/laundry soaps and detergents, tooth pastes and polishes, as well as their hand soaps. Although they promise to be environmentally friendly, the products range in cost from as little at $3 to as high as $200 depending on what you purchase. For the most part, I find the product pricing to be fairly comparable with your average grocery products.

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Compensation Plan For Melaleuca

The compensation through Melaleuca are calculated based on the amount of product points accumulated monthly. Each product has its own amount of product points attached to it. 

Melaleuca has one of the most extensive rankings I’ve seen in a while, as each ranking has 9 sub-rankings attached to it. Each rank, for example Director (which is the first ranking), has 9 levels before you hit the next ranking. So it would look like Director, Director 1, Director 2, Director 3 etc…

The ranks are as follows:

  • Director 1 – 9;
  • Sr. Director 1 – 9;
  • Executive Director 1 – 9;
  • National Director 1 – 9;
  • Corporate Director 1 – 9;
  • Presidential Director.

There are also ten different ways in which you can earn money with Melaleuca, some automatically and some depending on which rank you’re sitting at.

Retail Commissions

You will receive 50% of product purchased by your customers within the first month, and 7 – 20% in the months after based on the number of enrolled customers you’ve recruited.

Organization Commissions
This is where you would earn commission from the team you’re building up underneath you. As your generations build, you’ll receive 7% product points on any products sold under you by your organization.

Leadership Points

Leadership points accumulate based on the growth of your team. It is basically a measurement indicating a leader’s contribution to building, coaching, and mentoring his/her team.

By accumulating leadership points, you’ll have access to rankings and statuses, as well as additional bonuses.

Advancement Bonus

This is a very basic bonus that is given once you move to a new rank. Melaleuca is big on building and recruiting other members. They put a large focus on this.

Pacesetter Program

If you are planning on shooting up the ranks within a quick amount of time, this will be the bonus that you’ll want to aim for. This bonus is given out to people who move up in ranks within the first and second months of being a member.

It pays double the advancement bonus. The chart shows what rank between what time you need to achieve in order to receive the bonus.

Mentoring Bonus

As you build out your team, you’ll get bonuses as your members begin to move up the ranks.

Core Mentoring Bonus

This bonus is for Directors level 3 and upwards. You have the potential to earn half of what you would earn through the advancement bonus and mentor bonus. As you build you team, you’ll get this bonus once you’ve successfully helped a recruit move entirely through the Director ranking.


Leadership Growth Bonus

This is given when you reach the Senior Director ranking or above, and when you have new organizational growth. It is only awarded to those who have an average month leadership point accumulation of 30 points or more.

Monthly Car Bonus

Once you hit the Senior Director rankings, you’ll be eligible to receive a certain amount of money for car payments.

The payment get larger as you move higher in the ranks.

20/20 bonus

This bonus is given if you’re able to maintain the same 20 customers within a 5 month period.

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Support And Tools

Melaleuca encourages you to reach out with any questions, comments or just want to place an order as a customer. They have a live chat with an associate or multiple different phone numbers to call depending on the issue or question.

They have numbers for orders, enrolling customers, web assistance and general questions.

Unfortunately, training is not included within the starting fee, granted, the starting fee is only $20 annually. You’re able to purchase a business kit and training separate from your annual membership fee to help you learn more about the business and how to effectively sell.

The B.E.S.T series (Business enhancement series training) is one of the 12-month subscriptions you can purchase from Melaleuca to deliver the best training from some of Melaleucas most successful business builders. You learn to approach customers better and accomplish your goals.

There are also marketing products such as brochures and product informational booklets to purchase to better educate your customers and team.

What Independent Distributors Are Saying

In regard to being an independent distributor for Melaleuca, many people enjoy it, and others are not up for the trouble of working the time it takes to be successful.

A lot of the negative comments are surrounding the inexperience of the distributors themselves, but not the company overall. This makes sense as training is something paid for over and above, and not many people will pay the extra to get training that they assume they already have.

A lot of comments are pertaining to distributors not filling them in about subscriptions or recurring payments they sign up for, as well as, not being transparent about the sales they are trying to make.

Melaleuca as a company is BBB accredited, and has a long-standing and reputable standing with its customers. Out of 30 years, this company has seen 389 reviews, 325 of which are positive. They have only seen 165 complaints, all of which have been sorted out and fixed.

What I Like About Melaleuca…

  • Inexpensive to start;
  • Large product line with a variety of categories;
  • Image result for pros and cons


  • Long-standing company;
  • Have a good reputation;
  • International in many countries.

What Melaleuca could do better…..

  • Training should be included and mandatory;
  • I would pay more for membership if it included extra (website, product information, training);
  • More transparent about how to sign up.

Conclusion To My Melaleuca Review

As this is a long-standing company, I am confident they know what they are doing and where they are going. It seems like a company that will continue to be around for another 30 years, which makes it worthwhile investing in.

My one big concern with Melaleuca is that they could do a much better job at training their distributors to understand and do their due diligence in regard to informing customers about policies, returns, and recurring payments. I always find MLM companies who invest in training their distributors to have much better success and fewer concerns relating to products and payment.

I do believe this is a good investment for those willing to invest the time and energy required to build your own business within a MLM. It takes time and sales experience to build a customer base enough to make a living with.

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