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There are so many scams on the internet right now, and these scammer are getting better and better at convincing YOU to give up your hard earned money for some new and exciting “method” or “process” Image result for scamthey’ve learned to make money fast.

It’s so easy for businesses or company owners to convince you that their way is the best way to make fast cash. However, you’ll notice that all of these “great methods and processes” involve you forking up money. It may just be a little bit to start, but you should never have to give up money to at least see what the “special ingredient” is to their “get Rich Quick” plan.

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Types Of Scam’s

  1. “You’ve Won!!”

A company may contact you letting you know you’ve come into a large sum of money due to:

A: A long lost family member passing;
B: A draw you were entered for and won;
C: The tax agency didn’t pay you your full tax refund ect…

If someone was trying to give you millions of dollars, they wouldn’t do it over email or pop-up on a website. There’s no free money that someones going to magically give you one day. Be careful when giving out bank details or card numbers.

2. An Online Job That Pays Instantly

Unfortunately, there are not jobs on the internet that will pay you immediately. A true job online will be something you build and become successful with over time. Many people will message you with opportunities to earn huge amounts of money by simply signing up. This is not true.

3. Pyramid Schemes

The promise of high return in investment, but way of recruiting more people to pay into it. I wouldn’t suggest Pyramid schemes simply because of the efficiency of them. A pyramid scheme is a small invest made by yourself, with the promise doubling or tripling your money if you in turn recruit 10 more people. The idea is for you to invest say $100 and in return, if you recruit 10 more people, you’re able to walk away with $900. Then those new recruits go out and do the same.

What Are Dead Giveaways Of A Scam?

A scam will always have some giveaways that will revile it as a scam. Some people are better at making their opportunities look very tempting, and very logical. However, if you look for these main giveaways, you’ll never be fooled by a scam again.

  1. The number one giveaway is they want money up front. A legit opportunity will never expect you to give money before actually trying the product out. Or at the very least, offer legit full refunds on the services if you’re not happy.
  2. You are told that the opportunity is only a limited one, and you must make the decision right away. Any decent opportunity online will allow you proper information and time to do your research. Something legit will offer any kind of help in understanding the methods and ways of being success with said program/opportunity.
  3. The opportunity offers money quick. As I mentioned above, there’s plenty of free and safe ways to be successful online. However, there’s no “get-rich quick” scheme that is 100% legit. There will be some effort on your part in order to be successful.

What Would Brooke Suggest?

If you truly want to be successful, and are willing to listen and put it that little bit of work, I can get you profiting and making money within several months. I won’t ask for money, and I won’t try and lead you on with false information.

In order to create a successful online business you need three things:

  1. Help
  2. A Website
  3. Resources/Training

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