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Cost: Free – $50

Establishment: 2013

Founders: Adrian Murphy and James Egan


Great education is a hard thing to find these days, even more so, affordable education is that much harder to locate. With Shaw Academy, affordable education is a lot closer than you think.

Shaw Academy has made it their mission statement to “Change billions of lives by providing great education accessibility and affordability to everyone”, and with that they provide hours of online education that includes subjects from photography and financial trading, to nutrition and digital marketing.

In my Shaw Academy review, I’ll touch base on what Shaw Academy is, a little about what the business opportunity as an affiliate would be like, and how to get started today. I’ll also fill you in on the training and courses, what quality of training you’ll receive, and what I like as well as what I feel needs improvement regarding Shaw Academy.

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All About Shaw Academy…

As mentioned above, Shaw Academy is an online education organization based out of Dublin, Ireland. The site is gears towards providing live interactive online courses that include subjects such as photography, financial trading, nutrition, and digital marketing.

Taking a more in depth approach, Shaw Academy focuses itself on live online teachings combined with human support, just as you would with actual university online courses.

As of January 2016, Shaw Academy was teaching 55 000 new students, fast-forward to November of that same year and Shaw Academy was teaching a whooping 400,000 students. At this point in time, Shaw Academy is now teaching well over 1.84 million students and has recently launched its own personalized educational platform.

Phoenix allows more students to be taught live online simultaneously than ever before, and allows Shaw Academy to continue to grow.

Shaw Academy stands by their mission statement, which endevours to, “Change billions of lives by providing great education accessibility and affordability to everyone.” Or in short form, to “re-skill and up-skill the world”. Shaw Academy is also committed to making continuous learning a part of life, as well as making personalized education accessible to everyone in all walks of life.

In providing 50 plus courses in 5 different languages, Shaw Academy focuses on interactive education because it is engaging and better for learning overall.

About Shaw Academy’s Affiliate Program

With Shaw Academy, you have the option of offering education to an audience, and get paid to do it!

If you’re familiar with online marketing, and are currently maintaining a traffic producing site or blog, or manage a social media platform this may be the business opportunity for you.

Shaw Academy offers commission off of the sales of courses as well as offering a discount of 95% to 98% on courses for affiliates.

Shaw Academy provides all the tools to market their courses and are committed to ensuring your success. Having a wide variety of courses to choose from makes it easy to take on the task of promoting to a much larger audience.

Its free to join as an affiliate, and you have the potential to earn upwards of 40% commission.

The great thing about being a Shaw Academy affiliate is that they take care of all the fulfillment details such as order processing, shipment, billing and customer support. All you have to do is push the product.

Affiliates are paid on the 15th day of the month for sales made in the last month.

Bonus: you also earn commission on any courses you purchase for yourself. Sounds too good to be true? Take a look for yourself!

Shaw Academy; The Courses

If the affiliate program isn’t your thing, you still have the option of taking advantage of some training and courses offered.

You’re able to “sample” each course by taking the introductory module offered, however after that you’ll be required to pay.

In order to take courses, you have to have a membership. However, its very inexpensive to get started.

Each course is offered at a specific time, like a regular class in high school would. Because each class is offered live at a specific time, there are set times that the course starts and ends. However, you get to choose which out of the options of times, works best for you.

Regardless, if you miss a class or lesson, you’re able to re-watch it recorded. However, this prevents you from being interactive with the other students and teaches as you’re not participating at the same time as they are.

shaw academy

Each course is a little different, but most have classes twice a week for a month for a total of 8+ lessons. After a week, you’ll have a practice test to complete in order to test your knowledge. At the end of each course, you’ll have a few weeks to complete a final examination. As the courses you pick become more advanced, you’ll find them lasting anywhere up to 16+ weeks, with 32 lessons.

Some courses come with bonuses that have tools and material to help you be successful in what you’re learning.

The introductory course are strictly for beginners in that field, however, as you move further along in your learning, there are advanced and master course offered.

The training comes with a free app to download lessons and watch offline. And, you do receive a paper diploma of certification from Shaw Academy when a course is completed.

What People Are Saying About Shaw Academy

Being such a new company, it’s hard to find honest reviews out there regarding Shaw Academy. The consensus, however, is that people worry that these courses won’t hold up in say a job interview.

The courses offered within Shaw Academy aren’t completely familiar in the working world, and are better used as a knowledge bump for folks who already have diplomas in specific areas.

What I Like About Shaw Academy

  • You get to try each courses introduction for free;
  • Inexpensive to take courses;
  • Different skill and knowledge levels for each course field;
  • Large audience to sell to as an affiliate;
  • free to become an affiliate;
  • Receive huge discounts off of courses by becoming an affiliate;

  • Over 50 courses under 10 different subjects;
  • Courses are internationally approved and EQF accredited.

What Shaw Academy Should Improve

  • Courses are not delivered by official educational institutions;
  • Courses are live an interactive, causing you to plan your life around it;
  • Courses not completely at your own pace;
  • A newer and developing company.

My Final Words…

All in all I would suggest Shaw Academy to friends and family. I think the education is good and concrete, despite the fact that it doesn’t hold much merit in the real world.

My mother built an entire photography business from the ground up, with absolutely no knowledge of photography. It is now a booming and successful business, and she never went to an official school for it. By using her resources online, and what little training she could find for free, she made a point of learning everything she could.

With that being said, someone could easily take the knowledge from Shaw Academy and create their own empire within a year if they worked hard at it.

Although it’s not completely at your own pace, it’s high on my list as some companies and programs I would recommend.

Feel free to leave questions and comment below! Feedback is very welcome.

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