What Is Website Traffic?


So, What Is Website Traffic?

Website traffic is one of the major components to a successful online revenue, and without it, a business will easily fail. What is website traffic? It’s as simple as this:

Traffic = A Visitor
A Visitor = A REAL Person

When someone says, “you have a lot of traffic on your site”, they mean you have a lot of visitors on your site. This is a good thing! And I’ll explain later on about how to get more traffic to your site, and why it’s so important to remember, “What Is Website Traffic?”

Visitors (traffic) will click on your site depending on the method you are using to draw them in. The most cost efficient and effective has always been through relevant and quality content.


I’ll explain soon why content is so relevant to you getting TONS of traffic to your site. However, for now, all you need to remember and convince yourself is that content is key! You don’t have to be an English

Image result for how content and traffic work

major to be able to produce content, you only have to be passionate about something. If you’ve chosen the right niche, you should have no problem finding content to produce, even if it’s a niche you have to research about.


Read this article on creating quality content!

Think of your website as a store front, and the content within your store is what attracts your audience (traffic) to click on and potentially purchase your products and/or services.

Why Is Traffic So Important?

Without visitors, we are unable to earn revenue through clicks, visits, and purchases. In order to create a successful online business, you need people visiting your site. Because of this, the need to understand and utilize traffic is essential in the online marketing world.

The more traffic you have coming to your site, the more potential customers you have searching your products and services. Traffic will always benefit you in the end, whether they purchase on their first visit, or their last. However, regardless of when they purchase, they have to be able to find your site.

This is when content comes into play….

How Does Content Translate To Traffic?

Content creation, and the ability to draw in traffic, both rely on the author of a website to create content relevant to a specific keyword. This keyword would be relevant to your niche and website, and essentially would draw in your potential customers.

Keyword –

A keyword, in the context of search engine optimization, is a particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a Web page. Keywords are intended to act as shortcuts that sum up an entire page. Keywords form part of a Web page’s metadata and help search engines match a page to an appropriate search query.

Definition by www.techopedia.com

Everyday, thousands of keywords are being searched on google, and everyday millions of people are witting articles and posts pertaining to specific keywords that are being searched.

For example:

If you went on google and searched “dog costumes”, you’ll get a search page that has several different links on it to click that have keywords through the titles and content that are somehow relevant to the term “dog costumes”.

If you clicked through each one of those links, you’ll probably find that they are all somehow relevant to the search term “dog costumes”.

Image result for google searchThe link at the top of any search phrase ——>
is going to be the website that was most relevant or had the most “dog costume” phrases through-out the article or post to be “ranked” on the top of the search list. This person gets over 90% of searches to their site, and they get 90% of the traffic that is searching the term. Statistics show that only 10% of people who are searching something will go to the second page of the search list. This makes it extremely important to ensure you rank your articles and posts on the front page.

Gain Huge Traffic With The Best Keyword Search Tool

Keywords can come in single words, like “costume” or phrases like, ” dog costumes for Halloween”. The idea is to choose relevant keywords that are searched MANY times in a day, write an article with that keyword in it. Then sit back and watch your webpage climb to the top page to get the maximum amount of traffic (visitors) to your site. Soon after that you should start to see your revenue start trickling in.

More Keyword Specific Content = Better Rankings = More Traffic = More Money

Are you starting to see how quality and relevant content translates in traffic, and why keyword specific content is so important?

Yes, Keywords Translate To Traffic!


Keyword concentrated content is key to getting more traffic and building your traffic. Google is constantly crawling webpages, looking for relevant content to most popular searches on the internet. Day by day, hour by hour, Google grows its search database by crawling different pages and finding millions of websites relevant to almost anything you could ever dream of searching for. Its quite amazing actually!

The more specific your content is to any such keyword, the better you will rank with Google, and the closer to first page that you rank, the more traffic will visit your site. The trick is to find the most popular keywords, that aren’t overly used by competing websites. Jaaxy is one of the best keyword search tools out there for finding the best and most converting keywords on the internet that have low competition on them. This is your golden ticket to capturing the most traffic and the most revenue from your business.

So, What Is Website Traffic?

We’ve figured out a few things besides answering the question ” What is website traffic?”.

Website traffic is the visitors you have come to your site. Traffic = Visitors (audience).

How do I get traffic to my site?Traffic will only come with the creation of content on your site, BUT THE CONTENT MUST BE RELEVANT! You wouldn’t be writing about baby swim suits if your website’s niche was relating to dog costumes, you’d be writing about different kinds of costumes to dress your dog up as. The content must be relevant.

How do I rank on the first page? Pick a keyword that has lots of searches, but has a very low competition rate to it. If you can find a keyword that you can center your writing around, and that is relevant to the content you’re writing about, you’ll hit the first page no problem. Need help finding the right keyword? Try this keyword tool.

When you hit the front page, you get tons of visitors (traffic) and you get tons of people clicking your links and purchasing your products.

Leave me a comment below! Let me know what you think, or if you have comments or questions!





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