WordPress.com – Make Money On The Internet


WordPress.com – Making Money On The Internet

If you’ve read some of my articles, you’ll know all about affiliate marketing and how to make money on the internet. You’ll also know what WordPress.com is, and how beneficial it can be to your success online.

Back when affiliate marketing first came to be, Google and the other search engines were a lot more relaxed about the ways in which you were ranked. However, over time as the algorithm changed and google developed higher standards for the quality of content out on their search engine, people started to realize that they had to use different methods to get their articles ranked. WordPress.com has made it extremely easy for folks to use their site to maximize their SEO abilities.


Marketing requires quality and well built sites, which looks a little something like this:

  • relevant to your keywords;
  • is unique from other pages/sites;
  • multi-paged site;
  • follows SEO and PPC techniques

This may seem hard, but many sites such as WordPress.com have made website creation very simple, so much so that anyone can achieve a well built site in 30 minutes. Within my WordPress.com – How To Make Money Online article, I will explain the benefits of WordPress.com, why using WordPress.com express is easy, and how to drive sales and traffic to your site with ease.

Saving Time With WordPress.com

Looking to save time? Check out WordPress.com set up through Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix. Through WordPress.com and SiteRubix, you can create several free websites within minutes, without having to be a professional site creator. A lot of people assume that creating your own website is scary and confusing, but all of those people are missing out on extraordinary opportunities, because it’s amazing just how easy it is these days!

In order to make money on the internet, you have to have your own site. You can easily start right here:

The starting point to any good website is choosing a domain name that will be successful for you, and relevant to your sites content. If your site is about dog training, then your domain should be something around the lines of “howtotrainyourdog.siterubix.com”. However, you want to make sure that your domain will contain a high ranking keyword/phrase. If you’re unsure how to select high ranking keywords, take a look at my article that focuses on a really great keyword tool that should help you find the perfect domain name that will rank high. A well selected domain name will help rank you within the search engines without even having content on your site yet!

Traffic With WordPress.com

Before you can start earning money with WordPress.com, you have to generate traffic flowing through your site.

Traffic = Potential Customers = Earnings!

The visitors that click onto your site will potential  become customers of yours, as they will be the audience you’re trying to help with whichever niche topic you’ve picked. In order to achieve maximum traffic through WordPress.com, you’ll want to consider all things SEO!

wordpress.comPart of maximizing your SEO is focusing on your content. Writing content should be fun and natural. You shouldn’t feel as if you have to force out your writing, or that you have to awkwardly fit in keywords while writing. Effective writing that will get you ranked and bring in traffic is writing that is unique to your personality, style, and opinions. As I mentioned above, you want your site to be unique from anyone else, and you need to offer the help that no other site out there can provide. 

Creating a website centered on a niche that really interests you is key to gaining the ease and efficiency of great content creation. However, regardless of how passionate you may be, coming up with content ideas can be hard. Here’s a few tips to figuring out some topics for your content:

  • sit down and brainstorm 25 topics that will help your customers within your niche;
  • type in niche related topics into google to see what people are constantly searching for;
  • utilize Jaaxy to find good keywords to write about.

Maximize SEO With WordPress.com

WordPress.com supports hundreds of great and effective plugins to help you rank top dog within your niche on the search engines. If you signed up for a website through the link I provided above, you should already have a SEO pack installed with your WordPress.com site. In order to even further your SEO with WordPress.com, there are ten things you can think of while writing content.

  1. Page/post title optimization:

Google puts more weight on the first few words within your title and within your first few sentences, looking for relevant and engaging keywords. Your first title definitely needs to have your keyword within it, and then somewhere within the first paragraph you should attempt to pop your keyword in as you

Image result for alt tag example wordpresswrite. After that, just write naturally, and let the content flow.

2. Image optimization:

When placing images (which you should always do to break up content) with WordPress.com, always ensure you are saving the file and including the keyword within the file name. In addition to this, include the keyword within the ALT tag for the image.

3. Link optimization:

Ensure that when you are linking, you try and include your keyword within that link. Any words or phrases relating to your keyword within your content is going to get you ranked better and faster.

4. Headings:

All of your heading should have your keyword within it as well. Headings are one of the first thing google and other search engines are going to “crawl” or look at.

5. Sidebar widgets:

Within WordPress.com you have the option of adding widgets to your sidebar. These are usually things like ” Recent Posts” or “Category’s”. By doing this, it helps optimize your keyword density, as well as your internal linking from post to post. Google loves this and will rank you well because of it.

On your left hand side bar within your WordPress.com site, you’ll see an “appearance” button. Follow that through.

It will show you the option you have in what you’ll put on your sidebar. I would suggest putting Categories and recent posts on the top.

6. Pages VS Post:

Sometimes we get confused between pages and post, unsure as to which we should be creating to optimize our site and rankings within WordPress.com. Ideally, if you have an update to share, or new information to provide, you should do it within a post. If you have something important, like a main piece of your site that you want up for people to access, do it within a page.

The reason for this is that on posts, people have the automatic option of commenting, where as pages don’t automatically supply that option. Although comments are great in adding more content and engagement within a post, they can sometimes hurt your keyword density if they do not have the keyword within them. Pages, which main contain important keyword related information, won’t get commented on and won’t upset your balance of keywords within your site.

7. Link to other pages/posts:

Interlinking between all your posts is extremely important. Specifically, if you are linking a older post to a newer post, you’ll be letting the search engines know to crawl it again, resulting in more and better rankings.

There are also plugins available through WordPress.com that will show “relevant posts” when people are looking at certain things on your website. This will give more exposure and interlinking between your pages and posts.

These two and a couple of the more popular plugins:

  • Simple Tags
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin


As I mentioned above, comments are a great thing. Content is of course considered as content, and the more relevant content you have, the better you’ll rank.

Feedback is a great thing on your site, because not only does it create engagement within your posts, it gives you the opportunity to see what your visitors are saying about your content and website. Except criticism, as it will guide you to better rankings and better visitor engagement. Always ask for feedback at the end of your pages and posts.

9. Twitter/Social media:

If you don’t already have a twitter account connected to your website, I suggest you do that ASAP. When you do, install the plugin “hootsuite”. These days people read their tweets more than their own emails, and this will be a perfect way to gain better exposure to your website. I suggest as well doing this with Google+.

10. Visit other related blogs:

Getting links from and/or on related blogs can really give your WordPress.com blog a boost. When attempting to achieve a ranking under a certain keyword, take a look at and link to other blogs that are already ranking well within that keyword. Some good blog search websites are:

  • Google Blogsearch
  • IceRocket.com
  • Technorati Blogging

Engage in the first top ten sites, leave some insightful comments and even start a communication line with the owners. This type of networking can really help your rankings.

Other Site Optimization With WordPress.com

Always remember to publish content regularly . Not only will your writing skills increase, but you’ll achieve much better rankings, and customer loyalty. Regular content keeps customers and visitors coming back for more.

Article Directories

If you haven’t heard of these before, you’ll want to know them because they are extremely powerful for many reasons. Article directories are just a websites that already have great rankings, that allow bloggers to post their content on their system. When you post on their directory, you automatically gaining their rankings within that keyword. Here’s a few good ones:

  • www.streetarticles.com;
  • ezinearticles.com


Networking by basic word of mouth will never become old, although there are becoming better ways to get your word out. Using friends and family as a word-of-mouth style marketing is a great way to attract visitors to your site.

In addition, social media, no matter what kind, will always be good for your WordPress.com site and your rankings. Ensure that you’re signed up for, and are publishing all the time to social media sites.

Optimizing Your WordPress.com Site

Overall, you want to ensure you are spending just as much time on content as you are on engaging your customers, sharing your posts, and maximizing your keyword density’s within your website. If you follow 90% of the topics I’ve covered in this article, you’re going to see results in regards to better rankings on your site, more visitors which in turn become customers, and better earning results in the end.

Please feel free to share or comment on content and feedback below! I look forward to hearing from you!

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