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We all have our favorite person or videos that we watch on You Tube, and believe it or not, most of these people are making ALOT of money doing what they do. Even if we’re searching for recipes or dinner ideas, we somehow find ourselves looking at You Tube.

If you’re someone who enjoys filming themselves, or even has a special skill set they want to show off to help others on the internet, using You Tube as an online business might be the best thing for you!

My website is all about finding legit ways to make money online and build a business from online. Even though You Tube may not be the income maker for me, it makes sense that I’d find every legit way for you to earn cash online. You Tube could be your opportunity, as some of the highest You Tube partners make millions a year.

Let’s be real though, it takes time. You can’t expect to start filming and instantly see the cash flow; however, take a look at the following 10 ways to earn income with You Tube and you could be well on your way to becoming the next You Tube star!

Step One: Generate Your Own You Tube Channel

Your channel is going to be personalized to you, and each You Tube account is only able to have one channel attached to it. If you already have a Google+ account, you’ll most likely already have a You Tube account, as the two are linked.

If you already have a Google+ account, when you click the “Sign In” button on the top right hand corner of the You Tube, it will give you the option of using your Google+ account. If not, it will give you the option of creating one.

The most important aspect of building a successful You Tube channel is gaining an audience, and the best way to create a relevant audience base is to add keywords that are relevant to your content.

By going to the advanced section of your channel settings, you can change the keywords to reflect your audience.

Keywords + Audience = Earning Potential

Now, alot of the times when we create a username, we like to make it corky and kind of funny. This is great as you want it to be original and unique to your channel, however, remember the power in which your username has over your internet presence. Be wise when choosing, and if you’re looking to change it, you have to do it from you Google+ account.

Step Two: Add Your Video Content To You Tube

The best way to do this is to just do it! Don’t think about it, you’ll learn to perfect it over time.

Try and ensure that the content you’re putting on You Tube is fairly high quality. No one wants to watch a grainy and difficult to hear video, and you want people to come back to watch more. Also ensure it’s a good length of time, not too long or too short. Most importantly, upload regularly. 

It’s so important to ensure you keep at it no matter how discouraged you get about the videos or lack of audience. Continue to improve content by getting a better camera, or doing better editing/lighting etc. The more you upload, the more you engage and hold on to your audience.

Step Three: Build An Audience On You Tube

As I mentioned earlier, this is key for your success on You Tube, because without an audience you don’t have views or clicks, and you won’t have money.

Audience + Click/Views = Earning Potential

Do your part in marketing your brand, your channel, your passion. Take it to social media and share it on instagram and facebook, Twitter and Pintrest.

Always remember to interact with your viewers and encourage dialogue between each other. Remember to ask them for comments, feedback and suggestions within your description. Answer their questions and encourage others to answer. This creates an environment people come back to and will view your videos more and more.

Step Four: Enable Monetization On You Tube

In order to earn money on You Tube you have to ensure your eligable and have enabled the money making aspect of your account.

You can do this by going first clicking your user picture in the top right corner of You Tube until you see a drop down Menu like the one below….

From here you want to click the ‘Creator Studio’ and come to a page with a menu on the left hand side.


Within that menu you’ll find ‘Channel’, which should take you to a punch of boxes, and one that says  ‘monetization’.

There are of course some rules regarding what makes you eligible to gain profit from your clicks and views. You Tube wants to make sure that you are a genuine content creator.

As I mentioned above, your ability to build an audience around your content is crucial in your success at earning profit with You Tube.

Step Five: Get Yourself Ten Thousand Followers

Keep uploading  content, continue to share your videos and especially listen to what your audience is saying. Most importantly, ask your audience for feedback and ideas for improvement or future content.

It will take time for you to gather that many views, but if you engage your audience and stay consistent with your keywords and content, you’ll have no problem getting there!

Whatever you do, do not get discouraged. This part will take time.

Step Six: Google Adsense And You Tube

While waiting to be monetized by You Tube you can earn a few bucks here and there by using Adsense. Google Adsense is a program that is free to sign up to that enables Google to place ads on your website, podcast, video content etc.

With every click and follow through you receive on an ad, you get a certain amount back. You’ll also get a partial amount back on some for just views from visitors.

You must be 18 years or older to use Adsense, and you’ll need paypal or some sort of payment system, as well as a valid mailing address.

Of course, like a broken record, audience is key in earning any kind of income through Adsense as well.

Step Seven: You Tube Analytics

You’ll find this section of your You Tube channel under your ‘creator studio’ menu. This is a fantastic way to track your business and manage your audience.

Whether it be watching people visiting your site in real time, or taking a look at the amount of time a visitor will visit your site on average, it will give you the leverage you need to pinpoint your audience and skyrocket your views.

Analytics will show you how well you hold your audience, the type of demographic you’re appealing to, and the type of devices they are using to view your content with.

You Tube analytics is an amazing tool and I would highly suggest utilizing it not just on your You Tube content, but on any website and blog content you may have.

Step Eight: Market Yourself

This step goes hand and hand with building your audience. I encourage you to use every means possible to advertise yourself, and there are so many free sources of advertisement.

It could be word of mouth or building a website around that same content and then creating video content to support it. Anything that will get you out onto the internet.

Learn To Build A Profitable Website Here….

Because you’ll have a Google+ account linked with your You Tube account you’ll be able to post on Google+ as well. Google loves this, and encourages you. They will post your Google+ post on the first page right away as they like the publicity of their Google+ accounts.

Step Nine: Become A You Tube Partner

When you begin to meet the conditions of being a monetized channel on You Tube, you’ll be able to become a You Tube partner.

At this point, when you’ve been fully approved under all the conditions, you’ll start earning money on clicks and views from ads placed on your videos.

Step Ten: Continue To Grow Your Audience

I told you this was an important step!!

There are a few different ways to continue to improve your presence online, but a really effective way is with the help of is a website that allows you to create polls, quizzes, and many more interactive tools to engage your audience. The best part is that you can earn money while engaging your audience and learning what they want as viewers. will pay you for creating these polls and placing them on your site, but best of all you get to learn more about your audience beyond what analytics can give you.


Is That All I Need To Be A Successful You Tuber?

Unfortunately you’re only really scratching the surface, however, in a nutshell this is the basic to get your started. As you move forward you’ll find it easier and easier to gain the confidence in making videos.

Not everyone is right for making videos, and so there are plenty of different money making opportunities on the internet. However, for those who like the limelight, have something to share, or just simply like being on camera, this could be a big break for you!

Feel free to leave comments, questions and feedback below!




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